Fort Lewis College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


I would say that a person who wants a small mountain town that gets tones of snow, would love this town. Also someone who likes small classes that alow you to form personal relationships with teachers.


Someone who enjoys the outdoors and experiencing new, exciting, adventurous activities. Also students who want a smaller more intimate environment, who want closer relationships with their professors and surrounding students. You need to really appreciate the outdoors and all it can offer you, whether therapeutic or recreational.


The kind of kids who should attend Fort Lewis are liberal arts majors, business majors, engineer majors, and kids who love the outdoors. Small class sizes and you have a close relationahip with your professors.


Someone who is seeking a community feeling both on campus and in town. Someone who is progressively minded and forward thinking. A student who enjoys small personal intimate classes. Someone who is responsible and takes advantage of having small classes and professors that are available to them. Someone who enjoys the outdoors and is environmentally minded. A sense of cultural acceptance.


If you enjoy the outdoors and are looking for a smaller college that focuses on personal attention Fort Lewis would be a good match.


its very ratially diverse. kinda hippy, relaxed setting, so someone who can handle that.. very outdoors oriented