Fort Lewis College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A shy book worm


A person who needs to live in a city and have enjoys the fast pace of city living and attending large football and basketball games. Anyone who is concerned about status "Ivy League " or needs to be on the cutting edge of research. Someone who doesn't enjoy the outdoors or desert southwest " sunny" / Hot / Cold Climate.


A metropoliton person who doesn't enjoy the outdoors and/or trying new experiences. This town and school is very close with nature and loves to do outside, athletic communites. It is a small, mountain town with not a lot of chains or metropoliton characteristics. Nor should a person looking for the "typical" college experience with huge football games and the social life provided by frats and sororities.


A conservative, wealthy, racist who enjoys material wealth, voted for George Bush, and supports terrorism.


Someone who isn't open minded.


Hyper/neo-conservatives and those with a narrow outlook of life.