Fort Valley State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst things about this school would have to be the availabilty of financial aid (such as FSEOG, LEAP , and upperclassman institutional scholarships), the availability of quality and affordable off campus housing, and public transportation. The majority of the campus is on some kind of federal aid. When the school lacks funds from the government and scholarships for upperclassman, it makes it hard for students to stay in school. There are hardly any comforting housing for upperclassman. Finally the school isn't near public transportation, making it hard to get around and to places off campus.


The worst thing about my school that I can think of is that we are not a highly known institution because we are a smaller school however we are on our way to perfection.


The worse thing about my school is dealing with financial aid. After the horrifyingly long lines waiting to cash out and recode ID cards, there isn't too much more that you have to worry about with Fort Valley State. The rest of the experience is solely up to you. Unfortunately, financial aid at Fort Valley State University is a major part of the experience and for some, a deciding factor of whether or not some will continue here. If they were more organized, kept up with student?s paperwork and kept a steady staff, improvement would be made.


The worst thing about my school is the processing of paying fees because it is very time consuming and requires standing in long lines for hours. It also requires a lot of running around which I feel is unnecessary. There are much easier and faster ways to complete this process but they are not being put to use at my university.


The worst thing about my school is Financial Aid. Financial Aid waits till the last minute to inform students on eligibity, that post information when they get ready and they are not time consumers as far as the students are concerned.


The worst thing is the registration process; the system is antiquated ; however, improvements have been instituted in the last couple of years.


Some of the dorms are a little outdated. The furniture could use updating.


The worst thing about Fort Valley is the financial aid service. It takes entirely too long to process finacial information and you are constantly given the run around.


The worse thing I would consider about my school is that there are not enough students activities going on around campus. Many students either go home or travel on the weekends, leavng the others who don't really have campus stranded with nothing to do. I belive this has got to stop!


Middle of no where.


The advisors who are not skilled for the positions they have because I was miss advised which held me back from graduating on time and lack of support from school staff because they are more concerned with getting more students into the school then taking care of them to keep them here.


that some of the professor don't care about outside incidents like work, family, and emergencies when it comes to make up work






that they try to make the school more appealing and take the focus off of the students.


The meal plan.


Financial aid can be quite difficult but you must be able to independently know what help you need and in what areas. Also, there are many distractions. Remember why you came to school and what you plan to accomplish while you are there.


I think the worst thing about my school is its diversity. Fort Valley State University is a Historically Black University, meaning most of the student population is Black or African American. Although there are few students of other races and ethinicities that attend, there are not many.