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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, my advice to myself would be based on both my school and career choices. “Consider and reconsider your school choices. During the tour of the school, if they offer one, ask some of the regular students – not the student ambassadors or the school advisors – about their opinion of the school. You need to know how certain departments operate and how the repercussions of the may affect you. Admissions, Financial Aid, and Housing are just to name a few that could complicate your college experience. Finally, you don’t have to be in a rush to choose a major. Check the balance sheets to see which classes appeal to you as a whole. Do not choose a major based on just one class. If you have the time and resources, then you can take the class as an elective.”


I would have studied harder and longer. I would have put more emphazes on my grades. Most inportantly I would practice more for the SAT and ACT tests. The higher scores you get on those test the more academic scholarships you receive without writing essays and applying for outside scholarships.


I would encourage myself to manage my time better. If you can't manage your time well there is no way to juggle everything that you will have going on. I would also tell myself to stop the procrastination!! It is such a bad habit and you can avoid sleepless nights and alot of stress, if you just do your assignments in good time! I would also tell myself not to be nervous. Everyone at college is there for the same reason as you, and they are all just as nervous as you. It is a waste of energy and you could be using that energy to be doing something productive! I would also tell myself that it is okay to change your major. You will be going through a lot of changes the first two years of college. Life will change and you will change. The best thing is just to hold on tight and enjoy the ride, because you will learn so much about yourself and life throughout those two years!


Dear past me, I would love to warn you about making your choices to not pass history with kurlander the first time a horrible choice, especially for not fighting to get a seat in summer school it will all hit you too hard in seinor year and you will be working super hard half the time. I love how you were part of things in ninth grade and you were hands on with everything but your choice to stop and get lazy in tenth was horrible you should have joined the science club everyone in magnet did you should have done it as well. Do better in chemistry class i know you love that class and cant get the grade you want but dont give up talk to ms.campbell. Also please i beg you to not let the break up hit you so hard even though you were with him for three years you will find a boy 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} better trust me. when it comes to applying to schools try a fee wavier you might get it i found out way to late. Do not hire the lady that will supposably help you get finiancail aid she lied.


The main thing i would tell my past self is to continue to work hard no matter what is thrown your way and you will be successful most definately.




I would make sure that I tell myself to apply for all the scholarships that come my way. I would also make sure that I look for financial aid myself and not depend on people to help me all the time. Networking and creating relationships with counselors and teachers working at my high school, and faculty at the post-secondary institution are very important factors. I would continuously remind myself to always be confident and to never let anyone discourage me. Most importantly, I would do everything with the the saying, "Hard work pays off," constantly playing in my head.


In a world filled with competition, I would go back in time to tell myself to stay focused. Everyone who appears good doesn’t always have your best interest at heart. I would tell myself to rack up on recommendation letters, community service hours, and ramen noodles. Well maybe the ramen noodles could wait, but I would Ashley to network and to be the best that she could be; to listen to her first choice and to let no one (family nor friend) make you have a change of heart. At that point, the old me would have been staring at myself in amazement that I see my future stuff, and things may just go out one ear and into the next. So more than likely I would repeat everything I said, and add in to research as much scholarships as you can. Then finally I would tell her, “Love yourself, because you are your biggest critic and no one can love you like you can.”




College is a place for people who love studying what they want to stick for the rest of their lives. I learned that learning is not just about sitting and listening. Studying is active as much as playing football. I need to talk, react, involve and contribute for what I want to learn. For that reason, I always want to have some kinds of outside activities. These activities will help me learn a lot of things which I can't learn inside the classrooms. Everything I know about my major is very limited. Therefore, I need to open my eyes and look further to see what is reality about my major. In every way, studying is never one-way process. I need to study from my teachers but I also need to study by myself. Looking outside the box is the way to study by yourself. Finally, studying is a habit and keep it alive as long as you still want to.


The most important thing that I have taken from my college experience so far is that school work is my number one priority. Most people think that college is all about fun and games. Truth be told, that should be the least of anyone's worries. I've also become much more responsible for everything that I do. I do not have my parents here constantly monitoring my every move. i have to make major decisions on my own and provide my needs and wants for myself. It has been so valuable attending collge because it has helped me grow and see how things will be in the "real world". The most valuable thing I can take away from college when I leave is my degree in psychology, which is my gateway to my future.


My college expereince has allowed me to open up socially and meet friends that i know will be here for a lifetime. I have also met professors that are eager to help me learn and are excited to teach. Fort Valley State University is an environment that promotes learning and success as well as individual growth. Because there is little around as far as fast food, grocery stores, malls, etc it forces you to explore the area and get familiar with it. This school is valuable to me because it supports my goals academically, socially, and individually. College was something i looked forward to when i was in high school. I had visions of talking to my professors, sitting outside on the bench with friends, looking at a beautiful campus, pulling all nighters in the library, and study groups. Fort Vallsy State University did not disappoint me, it enhanced my vision with more.


Fort Valley has been very beneficial to me to attend because even though my school does not have my major, I've still made it a priority of mine to succeed at all costs. This school is very far in the country, it's very hard to engage in any misdemeanor activity or any other kind of activity that could get you into trouble. Although there are alot of other activities for anyone to take part in, being out in the country gives you plenty of notion that there is always something positive to do. It's one of the best institutions to attend because it's hard to find shopping stores, so no temptation with your refunds. It's the perfect institution for a freshmen to be enrolled, it's home away from home, no distractions, a piece of mind. FVSU is a place where you can find out who you really are and what you really want to do with your gifts and talents god has truly blessed you with.


I am SOOOO close to what I want to do with my life!


During the short time that I have been attending college, I have learned life lessons that are sure to help me for the rest of my life. Since I grew up in a small town, throughout grade school I was surrounded by people who were just like me and grew up with the same values, beliefs, and struggles as I. Coming to college forced me to be exposed to people from all walks of life. I've learned that I must be able to tolerate others and their opinions while maintaining my idividuality. I now know that one must find a good balance of studying and socializing. It has also come to my attention that one should never go through life thinking they don't need anyone. Networking is key, and you shouldn't be afraid to lean on your peers. Attending college has taught me that it is imperative that I set goals for myself, work hard towards them, and reach them despite any minor or major setbacks I may experience. I accept the fact that life is not, nor will it ever be easy. College has shown me that I must remain resilient in order to persevere.


In college I have learned how to communicate with my peers and large groups, how to establish a schedule and an organized learning plan. School is extremity valuable , and lays a strong foundation when developing your dreams. College has taught me so many things and helped me start dreaming to own land with an abundance of food and flowers. These ideas are good for the planet and the economy. I want to learn as much as I can and help fix the world. I plan to do this by earning a degree in agriculture/ botany to contribute to the production of plant life and sustainable resources.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience is an outlook on real life. It helped me understand that in life nothing is received without hard work and dedication. It also helped me to survive on my own and stay grounded in the morals I have been taught as a child. It has been very valuable to attend college because things that I hear about the “real world “, I’m actually experiencing and getting the chance to relay my experiences to those who are preparing for college.


I have made some good descion since i been here. I dont follow, i lead. I tend to stay in order so that i want get off track and start to falil. I would be devastated if i failed. It is vaulable to attend here or any college because it helps u grow and mature into a strong indiviual.


I picture myself senior year slacking off and taking everything easy because I had major senioritis and was a "senior". However, if I could go back in time I would tell myself to stay focused and keep my eyes on the prize which was being able to go to the institution of my choice for free. I also would tell myself to save up my money the summer after my high school graduation, because you never know when you will need it during school. I'm also doing Army ROTC so I would tell myself to be pepared for rigorous training and handling school and ROTC.


Starting college can be a nightmare and can be a very difficult experience to adjust to, especially for a freshman that does not know the transition that he or she might have to undertake coming from high school. So often, dropout rates increase because incoming freshman don?t stay on task. It is easier for a student to finish school or even for him or her to exceed in school if they had someone giving them advice on how to thrive in their scholastics. Always attending class, staying focused on your goals, and just being yourself is the advice that I would give to anyone just starting out in college. College is full of excitement and memorable experiences. It is up to any student of any class to take the advice that is given for sure accomplishment, but intelligent for the youngest to take heed at an early stage. Attending class to learn the information, staying focused on goals, and remaining who you are as a person, because it is so easy to be pressured in college, could possibly be the only blueprint to success while going through this new transition.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would definetly tell myself to study more and pay more attentention to my parents advise. I wasn't a bad student however I could have studied more than what I did. My dad always told me "That no one can take my knowledge away from me" and now I understand what that means. Being away from home was a big step for both me and my parents. I am now responsible for my future and making sure that I get the proper education is my goal. I think that if I had studied more while in high school would have made my transition a little easier and not so complicated. I finished my first semester with a 2.9 and I am striving for a 3.5 this semesterand I know that hardwork and determination I will succeed.


If I were a high school senior, the most important thing I would teach myself is about time management and staying focused. There are many things on campus that can distract a person from completing the ultimate goal of college which is obtaining a degree. Parties, friends, sorrority/fraternity life, drugs/ alcohol are all present and play a part in campus life. It is important to know the difference between right and wrong and to have the strength to stand up against peer pressure. Self motivation is necessary as well. College is not like high school in that the teachers, while they are there to help you succeed, it is not their job to "baby sit" you. In college you learn the skills that you will need in life. If you don't think it's important to attend classes, nobody will be there to tell you that you have to go. When making the transition from high school to college, know what you want and don't lose sight of that. Maintain a positive and goal oriented group of friends, make good decisions, and manage your time well.These things in addition to studying will ensure success in college.


I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as I possibly can and not to rely on an athletic scholarship. In addition, go out and get a summer job, even if it's baby sitting. I would warn myself about the cafeteria food. It's not like mother's cooking, but it would get you full. College isn't like high school. Do not go to sleep late thinking that someone is going to wake you up for class because there isn't. You are all on your on, it is up to you to do anything and everything. There are going to be some ups and downs, but just keep reminding yourself the reason why you are there, which is to recieve a higher education. RELAX. HAVE FUN. WORK HARD. STAY FOCUS.


I would just say prepare to be responsible for you and your actions. In college there are many responsiblies to take care of and learn how to manage your time because time is everything. There will also be many pressures by peers that you must try your hardest to avoid. Study as much as possible and always do your best. The most important advice I could give myself is to stay focused on your goals and set realistic ones. Don't be afaid to ask for help! Lastly make good decisions for yourself it's your life.


If I could go back in time and inform myself on college, I would tell myself to be prepared for anything. When making my schedule out listen to upperclass students most only try to help. Also the transition can be a whole lot easier if I become more diverse and social. Getting to know people will get you far in not only higher learning but the work world as well. It is not always about what you know but who you know.


If I could go back and help myself prepare for college I would start with telling myself to remain focused on the goal of passing all of my classes. Focus and self dicipline will help steer you through all of the vices and pitfall of the college lifestyle. It is impossible to spend your weeks constant partying and still try to pass all of you classes your free time should be used for studying. But, at the same time everyone needs to have time to relax and enjoy themselves so I would advise getting into something around the campus whether it be football or the drama club. Dont allow yourself to slack off seeing that you no longer have parential supervision. You will have to govern over yourself and make sure that everything that you need done is completed so that you won't have to stress about cramming for an exam that you could have been studying weeks in advance. Also I would make it a poin to meet people who are on their path to success and latch onto them for guidance preferable an upperclassmen because majority of the time they have already experinced whatever you could face.


Donavan, listen man- you've got to pull it together about those scholarships. Everything everyone said about it being rough financially- they were right. Get it together and try to get as much support as you can. You need to also get on top of these schools man. Don't put all your eggs into one basket like you're trying to. Apply to more because I can tell you now, you're not ending up where you want. Whatever school you get into- focus on that more than you do. The Internet and anime will be there later. And lastly, just keep it cool man. Don't let all this stuff stress you- it'll all work out. Take care and may God be with you.


I would have told myself to be more dedicated to school, and to participate more in school activities. I feel that if I would have had a better GPA , I would have been offered more money to pay for school and I would have to struggle. I would have been more competitive in sports and more involved in clubs and such on campus because it is a good means of networking and getting to know people who have different backgrounds but are interested in the same things that you are interested in. I probably would have also developed better study habits because its harder to develop them in college when there is so much going on around you. I probably wold have also applied to more schools closer to home because My family lives in California and I live in Georgia and it is tough trying to go to school and still be strong with out the direct help and support of your family.


I would be better prepared for the transition from high school to college life, did more research in regards to scholarships and grants and stay away from credit cards.


I always knew what i wanted to do so i would not change anything honestly. I was taught at a young age of my goals in life that i wanted to do.


Knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself two things: one, go to financial aid early and two, always be a part of some organization. College cost an arm and a leg, if I had talk to the financial aid counselors at the Fort Valley State University earlier than I actually did, I would not have pay for school. I could be on the Dean Scholarship, but because I was not sure of what school I wanted to attend until proximally a week before most schools started I was too late to apply. I also would tell myself and anybody else to be a part of some student organization, like a sport team, a club, band or chorus. There is so much free time in college that you should be spending studying, but you will not. All of this free time is not good. It either becomes partying or doing many things one should not be doing. So become a member of some extracurricular activity just so that you can stay out of trouble.


Be prepared to work hard and succeed. You're going to experience something amzing and you're going to have your trails nad tribulations but its all worth it in the end.


The advice I would give to the parents on this situation is support your child on the choices he/she makes about the college he/she attends. Talk about the pros and cons with your child, and help them make a decision that they will benefit from in the future. My advice to the student would be choose your choice of schools wisely. Pick a school that will help you reach your goals in life, academically and personally. Take your parents advice and listen to what they have to say, even if you don't agree sometime. They are there to help you, not hurt you. If you both help each, then your choice of school should be a success.


Colege is all about findig the right school to fit your personality. Your school choice is like a glove it must fit you. You don't want to put yourself in a position to have to make your "hand" fit into the glove.


I believe as a parent, you should only help your child in making the right choice as to what school they would like to attend. As a student, there are many factors as to choicing the right school. First, that school should def. have you major...if not "whats the point of going there?". Second, you should go check out the campus. if you dont feel comfortable there, it may not be right for you. While youre there visiting, ask students varies questions about what they like/dislike about the school. That will help your search as well. I also believe that you should make sure you can afford to attend that college, because it you cant then thats an extra stresser that you probably dont need!!! As you bark upon the journey of college life.......keep your morals first, and always have balance. You can never work without play, and never play without working. Making the most of your college experience is totally up to that. College is a step in your growth, and learn from it, and def. learn from your mistakes!




Start early!! Don't wait until senior year to start looking at schools, taking tests, and looking for scholarships. Once you figure where you want to go, visit! Make a decision. Once you get to college, have fun! Remember you are there to earn a degree, but all work and no play is never good. Meet new people, join activities, and learn more about yourself!


My advice would be to have an open mind. Don't just direct your attention to one college. A person should definately visit different colleges. It would give you a better idea of what to expect from that particular school. A person should get out and go to just about every activity on campus to make the best out of their college experience. It is a great way to meet new people. Be friendly with everyone and present yourself in such a way that people feel comfortable around you. Make friends that focus on their work so that you can have dependable study partners.


Check out schools that fit your personality and learning style/capabilities. Look at student to teacher ratios and class sizes. Check out campus activities and organizations, dorms, and even food service and amenities proximity. Especially look at the counseling staff, both financial and academic and school pricing. Just look at all aspects. If the school fits the majority of your needs and wants, I'd say give it serious consideration.


To find the right cllege i would start looking my sophmore year of high school, and go on as many campus tours as possible. This way it is easier to compare and contrast between the different schools.


Be sure that when you are choosing a college or helping your child choose a college it is for adcademic puropses only. Not for the social event that go on on-campus. Also make sure the school has a good program that you want to major in that is very impotant.


Advice to the students: Students I encourage you to explore the different schools you may be interested in; tour the campus. Learn more about the school, the various organiztions and accreditation of the school. Make sure you fill out all paper work and return it to the school before the due dates to avoid delay in getting accepted into the school and long financial aid lines. As a freshman stay on campus and make new friends not enemies. College friends are sometimes your life long friends.Staying on campus is an advantage, many people think when you move off campus you are free from all the rules the school have. I had the opportunity to stay on campus for 2 years and off campus the other 2 years. For me, off campus life was horrible. I did not think about the big responsibillity it would be....bills after bills. Don't let me forget commuting back and forth everyday. Please do not be easily influence to do the wrong things in life, keep God first always! Remember your at school to learn, not for boyfriends/girlfriends but to get an education. Always remember your education is the key to success.


I would have to say, visit the school of your choice, ask tons of questions, figure out about all the activities available, and interact with tours of the campuses.


The advice I would give to parents and students about finding the right college is to first find out what they want to be for the rest of their lives. Afterwards, they should narrow their search down to at least 4 schools. Whenever they are done with their research, they should apply to the main two they find interesting. The main thing to remmber is that you are going to school for yourself and nobody else. The advice I would give to them to make the most of their college experience would be to never follow the crowd of people, but rather be a leader of their own pact. Everyday they are going to face hurdles and problems during their college career, but the number one thing to do is keep looking foward to tomorrow and not yesterday. Many people go to college and think it's a playground and they are gong to walk in there with the same attitude from high school, but things are not like they used to be. What I'm saying is that some changes such as reponsibility has to take its toll because college is a brand new world along with new experiences.


Don't think black and white when it comes to certain decesions. There IS a gray area after all... Always be optimistic and never fear to explore and take certain chances


Figure out what exactly you are looking for and search for that but don't be extremely picky because ost of the time it will just fall into place.


My advice would be to make sure that you visit each college campus before agreeing to go there. and to make sure that the school will focus on your major to make sure they will accomadte your educational needs.


Make sure you find a school that fits you. Don't follow the crowd.


I would advice all students and parents to make sure they can afford the school at which the student is attending. Pick your major based on what you could see yourself engaging in. Always try to engage in various organizations and enjoy ever moment of it!


My advise to parents and students is to first figure out what field of study you are most interest in and pick schools that are known to have a good program in that field. Second, out of the schools you pick, choose the one that is best for you financially. You do not want to have to take out a large amount of loans if scholarships and/or grants do not cover the cost. The following advice is mostly toward the students. While at college you have to remember academics come first. It's okay to have a social life, but do not let it overshadow your school work. Get invovled in as many on campus clubs and organizations. They give you a chance to give back to the commuinty and your campus and you also gain skills such as leadership, organization, communication. Also, while you are in college you should focus on building your resume. Try to find internships or participate in summer research programs that can give you valuable career experiences, a chance to network, and also help you grow academically.