Fort Valley State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating the about my school is completing the financial aid process.


The most frustrating thing about The Fort Valley State Unv would have to be Housing. I am currently a freshmen and I live in Traditional Dorms which allows for no priviacy and the rooms are very small. Having to use public showers can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, however I am learning to adjust. Overall The University is Very Good school and I can say that being away from home has taught me how to be more independant.


there is really nothing i can say


The most frustrating thing about Fort Valley State University is the financial aid processing. There are so many students who have to be processed therefore, there are long lines. Fort Valley has came up with a new system for the Spring 09 semester so maybe the long lines are gone forever.


The financial aid department doesn't help us at all unless a parent or guardian gets involved.


the lack of skill and care from staff