Fortis College-Houston Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about Fortis College-Houston?


Medvance Institute is a great school to get hands on experience. The school has many programs you can choose from. I choose the Licensed Vocational Nursing program. First, they teach us the material in class. Next, we take what we learn in class and apply it in the skills lab with mannequins. Then we get to apply what we learned in skills to the real world at different clinical sites. We were out in the field by the second month of attending school. It's so exciting!


What I brag about most when I'm telling a friend about my school is, how exciting it is to graduate in eight in a half months! My school is just like a university/college except we have instructors that are doctors, nurses, etc. Learning from a text book is not all we do here at MedVance Institute. We practice what we study on dummies that the school provides. Also, at MedVance we get the opportunity to go on an internship that is in our area and practice our field of study with real doctors!