Fox Valley Technical College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?

Karen one. You're eager to move into dorms, live independently, and transform your aspirations into reality. Outside, a few hours after helping you settle in, your family hugs you goodbye and good luck. You wander back up four flights of stairs to see that your roommate rearranged all of your belongings in your 10x14 foot room. After a few weeks you have become involved in so many extracurricular activities that, while walking on campus from building to building, you always wave to people you know. One semester finishes and you feel relieved and accomplished. Two years fly by and you change your major...again...even though you said you never would. You study abroad and have a blast! A few more years pass and you graduate! You have such a long resume that you can clearly trace your college path and it's great. But what's more than the books you read, the classes you sat in, and the parties you attended? The family who supported you; strangers you blessed when you volunteered; and friends with whom you laughed, cried and prayed. In college, appreciate your education, but value experiences and people you meet along the way.


If I could speak with my old self now, I would tell myself to not worry as much, but I would also say to tart filling out scholarship applications earlier. I would also tell myself to relax at the begining of the year so I don't over stress and burn myself out. Most importantly I would tell myself to just look at Fox Valley Tech and that there is no point looking at anyother school.


Hi , dont freak out just here to give you some advice. Dont wait to go to college when your 46 years old. Do whatever it takes to get in school after graduation. You already know what you want to do, and it is what you end up doing 35 years later anyway. So please dont waste time with life stuff that is not going to go anywhere. Jobs will come and go but your education will be with you forever. when you do get in your college, take the courses in order, even if you have to wait a bit to get in the class you want to take. Some classes really help you when you go into another class. Dont be afraid of algebra, its not as hard as you think it is. Just dont think too much about it making sense and follow the formula. You will make a B ! maybe better then a B before the class ends. When you have to do art projects, make sure they will fit in your car. Its very difficult to put a 6 foot art piece into a convertible in the winter. make your dreams come true.


Go to college as soon as you graduate, so you can get the best advantage for the job market. Check both 2 and 4 year colleges for what you're interested in. Try and get an Individualized Degree, because you take charge of what you learn. Talk to a couple of advisors and decide which will listen to what you want from your education. Get involved in Student Government and Student Organizations, you'll learn leadership skills and get recognition for your effectiveness in dealing with diverse issues. It's a way to meet some real interesting people too. Professors are very intuitive, and many really have a passion for the subjects they teach- that rubs off. They have the inside track on each student, through their work. They can be sources of inspiration on how to improve your work, where to get study materials, and information for special projects. Pace your learning, to what's comfortable. Don't overload with classes or cram for exams. You'll forget more than you retain. Don't jump from one program to another. Changing schools is okay. College, requires dedication and commitment to succeed, make sure you have these before you start.


I would talk about the change in our in the workplace with all of the closing of manufacturing plants and the number of jobs lost. The lack of jobs that would provided for a family to survive in today's world requires that you continue your education after high school. With out that continued education it will be hard a job that you would be happy with for the reast of your life. Your instruction in college is not just study, it is about team work, communication, and problem solving. You will only fail if you fail yourself. The instuctor's want you to succeed and give you the tools to reach those goals. Don't be scare to take that opportunity.


I would tell myself to stick with school. And to get right into college because I have had a really hard life leading up to present day. I am returning to school at 27 years old. And i wish everyday i could go back and talk to my younger self.


If I was lucky enough to be able to go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, probably the number one thing I would tell myself would be to not expect anything going into college. I had much different expectations of college life and Fox Valley Tech, not that they were better or worse, just that they were different. I believe that because of this I had a tough time adjusting to college life in the beginning of the year. I would also tell myself to be more open to meeting new people. Growing up in a small town with the same people for 18 years made it difficult for me to be open to new and different people in the beginning of my first semester. It took me a few weeks to adjust to being in a different setting and being out of my comfort zone. Lastly, I would tell myself that going to college doesn't mean the world is going to end, but rather that it is just beginning, and that I should look forward to the challenges and new experience college holds for me, rather than worry and be afraid.


I would have told myself to go to school right after high school instead of going into the job market. I am 27 years old and when the company that I worked with for so long went bankrupt I was left with nothing to fall back on. There is nothing that can replace a good education I am just sorry I wanted so long in life to go back and get a degree in something I love to do.


As I was graduating from high school my mother was dying of lung and bone cancer so I decided to put my plans on hold to care for her. Following her death 12 months later, I was emotionally and physically drained and was in an unhealthy relationship with my high school sweetheart. With the stress of the last year I had little self-esteem, believing that I was not smart enough for college. The fact is, I was afraid. If I could go back in time I would tell myself to believe that you are smart enough to not only attend college but that graduation is absolute. You were taught to meet change and challenge head-on. The unknown is always scary but it will be much easier than you know. If the person you are involved with does not offer encouragement and support you need to reconsider the relationship. A good relationship should be based on love and support, not control and instilling self-doubt. You may not believe that you can make it without that person and relationship but you would be surprised at what you can do and the person you will become.


i would have told myself that my family will still be here when i get back, so go experiance another state. Go play football for a small school. If you dont do this your going to regret it for the rest of your life. Or just go to midstate and work at H. O. because theres not much work up in appleton and you wont make nearly as much as your used to making. Play as many sports as possible, stay in shape, and work out. Dont let that girl hurt you man she brought it appon herself. Just worry about you and dont let your cousin drive your vehicles becuase he will ruin them. Dont leave your tool box where its not safe or some ones going to steal it then you cant plow this winter.


I would tell myself to get help with learning how to study and get homework done. I have an extremely hard time getting work done and found out that there is help out there.


If i could go back and give myself adivce, i would tell myself to follow my heart. I would tell myself to pick a school that had a degree or program that i wanted to get into. I would tell myself not to worry what i am going for and just focus on myself. Not worry about what others think or may say to me about what I am going for. I would also tell myself not to jump into a college or program just to have one, to find what interests me no matter what school or where, and dedicate myself to it even if others do not believe in me.


First, I would have paid more attention to math. I was struggling going through the math courses this semester. Plus, no matter what field you're going into, math always has a role somewhere. Second, I would have saved more money (and my parents should have done the same) so the financial burden would be less. Getting a job is an option; however, I want to concentrate fully on my studies since this is what I want to do for my future career. And last, I would convince all students to further their education.


I would tell my high school senior self not to procrastinate, but work hard and be ready before the deadline. Don't spend all your money on worthless things that is only good for the moment. Save it for your books and other class materials. Also to build good studying habits and manage time wisely. I would also say " don't exercise your freedom too much", but trust your gut when it says " go home and call it a night". This is what I would tell my high school senior self to prep for.