Framingham State University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Framingham State is very welcoming.


Framingham State is a beautiful, homely type feel campus.


Framingham State University as a whole is very welcoming and goal oriented.


Framingham State University is a small community located about 20 minutes from Boston, MA that provides easy access to the city, as well as areas around town.


We like to call it "Framily", the Framingham family. This school has an atmosphere like no other. Framingham State is a wonderful place to be. It feels like a second home. It is small enough that you know a lot of students and faculty well, but you are always meeting new people. I love being at school becasue it just feels right.


My school is a small but fairly effective, depending on what you go there for, learning environment.


A mostly commuter campus with little school enthusiasm.


My school is small, with very strict rules for drinking/partying. It is heavy on certain academics and does not have very good sports teams. It was considered a "backpack" school since most students go home on the weekends or commute.


Framingham State College is my 2nd home.


Framingham State College is an intellectual foundation for young adults to discover who they are and move forword on a solid base of education, well-rounded for the adventures of stepping out into a difficult world.


A mostly commuter school with excellent education and teachers. It can be a little boring, but it's very good education especially for such a low cost


Framingham State College is a small school located on a beautifully landscaped campus, just 20 minutes from Boston. Going to Framingham State College is like being a part of a small community.


Framingham State is here for the success of their students.


My school focuses on academics and is largely a suitcase school. Most people leave on weekends.


Framingham State College is a small school with small classes that provide ample opportunity for learning.


You will make memories that will last a lifetime.


this school isn't as challenging as i hoped that it would be, and i would not reccommend it to anyone.