Framingham State University Top Questions

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The people at Framingham State were much different than those I met at other schools. The students, faculty and staff were very kind and were genuinely interested in my life both on and off campus.


To be completely honest, I only chose Framingham State because I could keep my job and pay for college. However, I was surprised by how much I ended up loving it. I want to be a teacher, and Framingham has an amazing teaching program. FSU is also very small and I am so happy it is because I don't think I would be able to attend a huge school. There's a homey feeling to it and it makes me feel extremely comfortable around campus.


They let the students have alot of say in what happens. Its the students who live and go to school here so alot of things such as, campus events and the campus life, are imfluenced and run by the students. They put the responisiblity in the hands of these young adults and guide them to success in these things. They make you feel included by hearing and applying what you want.


My school is unique because it is small and easy to get around. It has a beautiful campus with flowering trees and bruck walkways, and was one of the first state schools, so a few of the buildings have a great deal of history. It is easy to get to know fellow students as well as the professors here because classes are small and personal, and learning is very hands on. I chose this school because of these things, and also because I was able to meet my professors ahead of time, and they were all astonishingly kind and tallented.


My school is unique in the fact that it is located in the largest town in the United States. Framingham is about 30 mins outside of Boston and there are endless opportunities for internships and jobs. The campus is small and well landscaped so it is very pretty, but sits in the middle of a busy section of the town.