Framingham State University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


If I had to brag, I would emphasise the small class sizes and the professors.


I brag about the many wonderful professors that I have encountered. I love how they make themselves availible during office hours to assist you with things which may be challenging in the class. I also like interacting with students of all ages, cultures and backgrounds.


The thing I brag about most about my school is the field study science courses. Many of the lab courses required for the Environmental Science major involve hands on case studies. This type of interactive learning, whether going out in the woods to observe and find animals or observing environmental impacts in the sorrounding area, is rare and invaluable experience that I am priviledged to be a part of at Framingham State.


I brag about the football team the most because we were league champions.


The great education department that we have here that really helps students on their way to becoming teachers.


i do not brag about the school.


the girl to guy ratio