Framingham State University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


Framingham State hands out parking tickets like candy and it's hard to get a car on campus. It's also very expensive. My job is twenty minutes away and I have to get my mom to pick me up and bring me there rather than just having a car on campus.


The worst things about Framingham State is getting around campus. There are buses and shuttles that allow students to move around campus easily but the campus is very hilly and the walk from the commuter lot to the buildings can be tiring. There are really not too many bad things to say about this university, but sweating while entering class isn't the most fun experience.


If I were to say anything bad about Framingham State, it would be that it is not as unified as it could be. The administrators do not work as hard as they could to make the college a close knit community.


As a resident I feel that Framingham State lacks in retaining a student population during weekends. On weekdays, FSC is a vibrant campus full of students rushing to class, hanging out or meeting up with friends for quick bite with friends at one of the campus cafes. Unfortunately, this dynamic changes drastically on weekends. The majority of popular student hangouts (the juice bar, cyber cafe, commuter cafe, and even the library!) either reduce hours or close entirely during the weekend. With lack of activities on campus, it turns into a ghost town with the remaining students wandering around like zombies.


The population includes mostly students with athletic scholarships and students who are majoring in business but are not academically focused. The majority of the population are there because they believe they are supposed to be in college.


The meals and meal hours. The meals sometimes leave people with a stomach ache or makepeople prefer not to eat at times and or skip meals. It is not very good quality and there isn't much variety either. The meal hours aren't very long, and if someone who lives on campus were to miss 2 meals in one day on the weekend, nothing is really open after 6:30 so they would have to spend more money to get food delivered to them or go out to eat.


The worst thing about the school is that is is very small and everyone pretty much knows everyone. It is good to be united in that way but it is also bad because everyone knows your business.


Completely dead on the weekends.


The worst thing about this school, is that there is absolutely nothing to do on the weekens.


Dorm life. It can feel like a prison living on campus; you have to sign people into the dorms in order to have friends over even if they are other residents on campus and you must escort them at all times even if they have to go to the bathroom.