Framingham State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


If you're ready to do lots research, have to be ready to connect with your professors and peers. If not, FSU is not for you because Framingham is all about being a part of a community and helping out.


Framingham State is a very small campus. You have to like to stay low-key and know pretty much every face on campus. If you want a personalized realtionship with proffessors and not get lost in a class over 100 students, then Framingham State is the place for you.


A person who is looking for a nice environement with queit study places and nice scenery and history, and also searching for genuinely nice people and teachers who are willing to help you every step of the way if you need it should attend this school.


Any kind of person should attend this school. Framingham State is VERY diverse in what it offers students, from Studio Art to Biochemistry everyone should be able to find a niche that fits their needs.


Someone looking for small discussion classes.


Anyone who wants to be actively engaged in their learning should attend this university.


Students looking for a small school with a very student involved faculty should apply to Framingham State College. All of my classes have less than 30 students and all of my professors know my name. Only about 2,000 students live on campus which makes it easy to get to know people and make a close group of friends. Since it is such a small campus, students must be able to reach out and make things happen for themselves. The experience is what you make it.


outgoing person who has the desire to succeed in their school career as well as their desired work field for their future.