Framingham State University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Someone who wants to be able to party and drink a lot should not attend Framingham as it is a dry campus and drinking is strictly not allowed.


People that have slacked off in high school and gotten by through luck or pure intellect should not attend Framingham. It is a difficult school where slackers just won't make it. I also wouldn't recommend that anyone looking to come into the pre-engineering program to come here. The program is shortened and ends in a transfer because Framingham can not offer the courses needed for the major.


I believe that the type of person that should attend Framingham State is someone that is used to a small school and a sense community. Coming from a high schol that was made up of 180 students, this is the perfect size.


I think that it's tough to get help and answers when you need them. You're always sent to another office or person, and they keep sending you elsewhere.