Framingham State University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Jillian, your attitude and actions determine your college success. If you want to do well in your classes you need to make school work your first priority. So, do not procrastinate. It is very easy to put off doing work, especially now that you have a lot more free time. But be smart, do your work and then relax. It is amazing how much easier your school work can be if you manage your time wisely. Also, remember that college is a brand-new, clean slate. Therefore you can be anybody you want to be. You are not confined to who you were in high school. So, get out there, do things that are out of your comfort zone and talk to people you normally wouldn't. Look around you, everybody is just as nervous as you are. So be friendly, get to know a lot of people. Remember, your college experience will only be as good as you make it, so do your best both in and out of class.


Dear Senior Self, Now that I’ve made it through my freshman year of college, I need to tell you a few things I wish I had known while transitioning from high school to college. Don’t try hold on to people who aren’t trying to hold on to you. I know you hate change, but this is a fresh start and a chance to reinvent yourself. Rid yourself of poisonous people in your life and move on.Always bring an extra pencil to class because you never know who is going to ask you to borrow one. College classes are a lot harder than high school classes.Work fewer hours. STUDY Familiarize yourself with the library because it’s going to be your key to success for the next four years.Your GPA actually matters now. Take care of it. You’re not going to meet your best friend the first day or even the first week of college. When you do meet them, they’re not going to have the same political views, fashion sense, or music taste, but they’re going to be the best friends you ever had. Love,Kelsey


I would tell myself to first of all be confident in who you are. Everyone has quirks and things about them that make them who they are, and you just have to embrace it. You cantcare what others say about you. Once you love who you are and is confident in that then you GET INVOLVED! That is something I wish I did first semester. Its how you meet people. Its how you get to know yourself and your school. It challenges you but it makes you feel like your apart of something bigger. Its an amazing feeling. I would also tell myself that its going to be hard not living at home. Alot of times it gets down played and people don't think they will miss it but it is a huge transition. You are now living on your own, making your own decsions. Its alot so Iwould just say to prepare for it. Make sure its something you really want to do and deal with before you jump right in. Most importantly is put your self out there and try new things. If you don't know if you should try it, definitly DO IT!


Hey Becky! I know you're stressing out about college, but there is no reason to be scared! Everyone is a phone call away. Your roommates are gonna drive you crazy, but the good news is that Rachel will let you room with her in Towers! I know that is doesn't seem ideal, but you will love being there. Unfortunately, you lose touch with most of your high school friends, but you make new friends at school! You will find your own little place where you belong. You end up being the secretary of the band at the end of your first semester and you will be in the running to become the President of the band for your sophomore year. You'll also find your favorite people in the a cappella club! Make sure to put yourself out there to find new friends. Let go of the past and look on to the future. You can do it! Sincerly, Becky


Dear Taylor, The coldsweat, midnight nightmares are not neccessary. College is going to be a breeze, at least for you. Your worries of losing yourself and the realtionships changing for the worse with the people you care about most, will not happen. Everything will be okay, your worries about failing all of your classes, not making any friends, and hating being away from home with dissappear quickly as you adapt to your new life in the first days of your arrival. Just stay calm, enjoy the rest of your summer, and make as much money as you can because they weren't kidding when people told you that college kids are always broke. You are going to succeed and become so much more than what you already are. Remember to stay true to your values and know that you are smart enough for college. Wipe away your easily discouraged attitude and embrace the change you are about to endure. The greatest time of your life is right around the corner, and I promise you, you're going to love every second of it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself knowing what I know now, it would be a very intense conversation. I didn't finish high school the way I should have. I had a dysfunctional family life growing up. So in my eyes as a young women I had no choice but to leave home. So I would have to sit myself down and have a real heart to heart. I would say, " Finish high school, go on and get your college degree early. Going back in fifteen years is still not a bad thing, but it could be so much easier you for in your life to finish now. Your going to have two little girls to look up to you. Wouldn't it be an amazing for them to know you never gave up on something so important? Your going to love it, it is nothing like high school, and you will feel a since of accomplishment that can only come from going to college. You will go to school online which will help you feel calm and at ease. Your worth it and I know things will be ok. Put your all in it."


If I were to go back in time to high school, I would definitely tell myself to not stress out so much about getting into my dream school. From going to Framingham State over the last two semesters I have learned that I can get a quality education wherever I want, as long as I make the effort to ensure I am learning as much as I possibly can. I would also tell myself that the transition to college will be difficult in the first few weeks, but after a while it will become easier. The workload, at least this semester, is comparable to the workload I have experienced in high school - so do not worry too heavily about not having enough time to study and work. I would also tell myself to reach out and take as many opportunities to get involved - it'll make the college experience that much more valuable.


Stay focused and keep on doing what you are doing.


Dear self, Don’t be afraid. There are so many amazing things in life that you might miss if you worry about what other people think. Always remember that smiles are infectious: if you smile, you feel confident and happy, and make others smile too. There are so many wonderful people that you will meet who have huge hearts and will keep you laughing daily, so these smiles are practice for the joy to come. Having experienced a year and a half of college I’ve learned that while grades are important, they aren’t everything. If you take the time to enjoy the things you love with the people you love, the things that have to get done become a little lighter and easier. Finally, don’t be afraid to pursue what you love. When you take your first photography class you will realize how much talent you have. So don’t be afraid to photograph! Remember how much joy it brings you and that God chose this talent especially for you to bring Him glory. Don’t forget your second love: languages. Keep your chin up and your smile wide. This is the greatest time of your life.


I f I could go back in time and talk to my high school self, I would say to stay on top of your work load. It is very easy to procrastinate and say, "I can do it later." There is temptation to blow off school work to socialize or go out with friends, but it really does pay off if you stay on top of the course load. You don't want to find yourself cramming it all in at the last minute. I can say, from experience, that this is not the way to go. Keep up with assignments and readings and you will have plenty of time to hang out with friends, and you won't have to pull a dozen all-nighters in order to get all your work done last minute.


If I could go back in time and speack to myself as a high school senior, there would be much wisdom which I would divulge upon myself. I would first tell myself to choose Framingham State as my first choice college and would not have had to transfer for my sophomore year. I would also tell myself to become more social on campus. I have learned a lot and have a high GPA, but I am not as involved or social on campus as I should be. A mistake which I made, that I don't regret is choosing to major in English and than switching to History. I am still recieving the english minor, but I would have warned myself to study the history courses and then complete the courses for my minor. Other than school and major choice, I have no major regrets about my time at college. I have studied hard, met great people, and sharpened my personal philosophy on life. If I could go back in time, I would try to change the future, but sometimes fate plays things out for the best.


the way my life is going now i couldnt ask for more, college life is not only rewarding it makes my future brighter knowing that when i graduate i will have a full time job not only making good money but helping those in need. i wouldnt change going to college for nothing, it has learned me and and made me the person that i am today. in high school i was kinda of leary about going to college because i hated school and the assignments but college is totally different the work maybe alot harder but it has helped me so much and taught me things that i didnt even know. i have listened to my heart and kept forwarding my education and have no quit and i am so proud of my self because in high school i thought that i would never be at the point that i am now. if i could look back and tell my self something i would say your a strong minded woman, that has the heart to do anything that you desire but giving up is not one of your desires and thats what i have not done is give up.


I would tell my younger self to "get your education while you are young". Although you may find a greater appreciation for education in your elder years, your mind is sharp while you are young and you are able to retain more. I would tell my younger self that the opposite sex will always be there and when you are educated you will choose your suitors more wisely. The best investment of time and money is a great education. I will also tell my younger self that a good education affords a better selection of jobs. I will also tell my younger self that in the future your degree will be very vital. I would say that education is something that nobody can take away from you. You may lose a job or relationship but an education would allow you to get on your feet expediciously. I would tell my younger self learn all you can, explore your knowledge, and never let it go. It is literally your gold mine.

Bailey Canonica

Apply for scholarships, you will wish you did! You are responsible for the repayment of your college education, so make sure you go to a school that gives you the best education for the least amount of money-or one that you recieve grants and scholarships towards. You want to be studying something you enjoy, so don't limit yourself! If you have something in mind, make it work but work hard for the scholarships!


If I could go back in time I would stress the importance of academics


As an orientation leader for my school I try and help student make a smooth transition to college. College is a wonderful, new and exciting journey. I would tell high school seniors to keep an open mind. Going to school with preudgments can hinder ones ability to make the best out of the school experience. There will be many new students and faculty to meet and some of them may become friends or resources. Also, many college courses will be required to take even if they may not be of interest. A student may be surprised by something that interests them. Meet as many people as possible because you never know who your study partner or best friend may become. I wish that all students enjoy their time at an instutution while recieving an education that they love!


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to finish college. I began college as a rising high school senior. After graduation, I continued on my college track. However, due to some mistakes in my personal life, I did not finish college at that time. As life caught up with me, marriages, children and work kept me from continuing my education as I had once wanted to do. I am now finishing my education. I would definately tell myself to finish college no matter what. It is so much easier when you are young and do not have the added pressure of children, spouse, and a job. My dream was to finish college as I push my children to do so. Finally, I am able to tell them to do as I have.


I would tell myself that it is going to be harder than I think. I would tell myself not to change any of my plans I have for myself but just to be prepared for a rough road ahead. I would tell myself that playing a sport was the best move I made and that I would know when to stop when I had to. I have my priorities set and that will help me to be successful. However, I would warn myself that studying is key and tell myself to learn good study habits sooner rather than later. I would also tell myself that there are many ways to acheive your goals, and not to have my heart set on one path, besides the journey is have the adventure.


Through Framingham State College, I was introduced to my major. I had no idea that I was even interested in Environmental Science before I began taking classes and fufilling general education goals at Framingham State. After entering the Environmental Science major, I have been given invaluable first had experience in the field see some of the same things in real life that we are also learning about in the classroom. While at Framingham State, I have also been introduced to the many study abroad options which focus on my field of study and interest. Framingham State has really helped me discover and shape my life and future career.


My college experience has broadened my horizons as a student and has helped me narrow down a field that I want to make my career. The more experience I gain the more motivation I find to continue my education. It has been valuable to attend because with my education I am attaining I will be able to work in a field I love making money to be able to live comfortably.


It has taken me quite some time but, I feel like college has helped me learn how to juggle fun and work. Throughout life I have learned that one either works hard and enjoys the fruits of their labor, or stays lazy and suffers from their passive attitude. Granted this may not be the case for 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} of people, but with many experiences under my belt I have come to realize that I do not qualify to be called a "lucky" individual. In other words; I must work hard to achieve any goals that I may want to reach. Growing up around many people who did not consider school as one of the top priorities of life has made me gear my life towards having fun while instead I could have been concentrating on doing some work. I never felt comfortable with the outcome of my lack of efforts, but fortunately this school has helped me straighten out my priorities. I am not perfect, but with practice I can get close to perfect. Fortunately for me, this school is giving me all the practice that I need.


I have learned many things about myself through attending Framingham State University. I entered with a major in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Medicine and am coming out with a major in Chemistry. I spent my entire life dreaming about medical school until I came to Framingham where I met some of the most enthusiastic professors in the world. I have/will encounter(ed) great opportunities to meet with leading companies in my field of study, and I have learned where my true passions lie. This shows someone can go through their whole life thinking one thing until they are exposed to diverse situations where they are forced to think outside of the box.


I have always been a shy person, and getting involved with organizations and clubs on a community college level helped me break out of my shell. I am certian that I will be more open, confident, and less cautious when I attend the University of South Alabama. I know will be able to make new friends, be more involved, and make better grades while attending. Going to a community college really hepled me prepare for my studies. In high school I never needed to study, however, once in college I found out that I needed to study more. Having a lite coruse load in my community college showed me that I need to study more than I did if I want to keep my GPA up. Also, becoming involved in clubs and organizations helped me make connections with new friends for study groups and keep my grades up. The most important thing I have gained from going to Snead State Community College is I now have more confidence in myself. Being at a smaller school close to home has definitely giving me the belief I needed to know that I can and will succeed at the University of South Alabama.


My college experience has been one of self discovery. The school I attend presents students with a far less than challenging educational experience . Originally, I was extremely unsatisfied, and terribly fustrated, with the lack of substance my classes seemed to offer. Though, I have since taken this apparent setback as an oppurtunity to self educate. The internet and public libraries offer infinite resources in whichever direction your mind wishes to wonder. Whether it be history or physics, with a little self motivation the information is out there, free for the taking. The ease of my college courses have alowed me the free time to explore subjects not offered through my school and to read books I would have otherwise been forced to ignore. I believe that a college education is valuable only in the sense that people of the professional world look to a degree to somehow validate one's abilities however, let it be known, that my degree is not me.


So far, out of my one year of college I have gotten so many things. First off, I learned to be independent. I coulddnt rely on my parents all the time anymore. I also learned to be studious, if I wanted to do well in my classes I had to make sure I stayed loyal to my work and not take advantage of the fact that going to class was completely up to me, which I'm not going to lie, that was very hard, but I could not let myself get lazy because I have a future to build. And finally, I learned the importance of the dollar. Since I have to work and save my own money to pay for college, I realized just how important it is to save up my money. And that was really hard to learn being a college girl. I had to make sure i didnt spend all my money on the latest fashions and what not. I just keep telling my self that one day I will be able to do that when I have a career as an Elementary school teacher.


I was home schooled all throughout my high school years, so I imagine that the transition that would take place for students attending public high school would be slightly different. From my personal experience, I would tell my past self to form some semblance of people skills. I learned the hard way, through the first year or so of college, that interacting with your peers is imperative. Sure, some people can get by being anti social and not asking questions of either teacher or class mate; however, for the most part, communication is key to bettering your performance in the classroom. Not being able to ask questions in class and not being able to approach the teacher with a question outside of class proved an obstacle that took me a little time to over come.


Never doubt your heart. Be strong. Be wise. These were the simple truths that you had known and lived by all your life, yet deserted when you decided to spread your wings and try to fly. You left serenity too quickly, intent on seeing the world and showing it what you had to offer. Soon; flying high on the wings of your success, you blindly entered into a devil's maze where the dark roots of doubt rose up, obstructing the light. And you started to fall. Your wings could not support the anger and pain that filled the hole where your heart used to be, a heart you had foolishly thrown away along with the person you had entrusted it to. Tightly bound texts, once a haven for your curiousity, turned to hellish demons, hindering your flight, dragging you down into the darkness. And yet you tried to fly on, too stubborn to admit your mistakes and turn home. Inevitably, you fell victim to your demons, and was left in darkness to wallow in the shame of your failure. But from the smoldering ashes arises a pheonix, a new life to be had; and new wings to fly on.


If I could go back to high school I would tell myself that college is going to be harder that high school. That you need to put in more effort into studying in order to recieve the grades that you are used to getting. Also that if you are having trouble go get help and continue to go get help until you understand; don't give up. Another thing that I would tell myself is to be more open to others. When college starts everyone is in the same situation and everyone is looking to make friends. Don't be scared to open up to others.


Dear Jenn (in 2008), When you are looking at colleges really do your research and ask around, see what you can hear about the schools. With the grades you have you could have choosen a better school for yourself one that fit you better. Look into scholarships I know that mom was bugging you about them but really look into them they are what will help you pay instead of taking out all these loans scholarships can really come in handy. Don't think the transition to college is going to be a piece of cake because even though you do want to leave your house with all the rule mom and dad have set, getting into college is a new experience whether a good one or a bad one you need to take some time to really think that this is the right choice for you. Bring tons of pictures because friends and family from back home are the ones you will be missing the most. Also look into jobs around campus before school starts the extra cash will definitely pay off. Also don't think college is just one big party, cause its not. Sincerely, Jenn (Freshman 2010)


In high school, I wanted to be an English teacher. I did not bother touring colleges; I simply applied to the two most nearby schools that had reputations for degrees in education. Now In my junior year, I have decided against being an educator and have declared a communications minor in addition to an English major. If I were able to talk to the high school senior version of myself, I would tell him to explore more career options, tour more campuses, and to visit more of my friends at college during the gap year that I took after high school. College is about making informed decisions, and if I could speak to myself in the past, I would make sure to stress that point.


I would advise myself to focus on schoolwork from day one. Also, I would advise myself that you graduated from a small high school, do you really want to graduate from a small college too?


If I were able to go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would say to not stress out at times you may feel under pressure with a lot of school work. I would also remind myself that it's ok to be in college and not drink and that even though I may have felt alone, I wasn't. I would tell myself to be more outgoing and try to meet new people because even though this isn't high school anymore, some people still don't stick around for a very long time; some people are just not worth holding onto. Last but not least, I would go back and remind myself to remember for the next four years that college years really are the best years of your life. Try and make every day the best it can be, because soon enough, it will all be over before you know it.


It is important that I do not refrain from telling you the importance of preparation. It is not a preparation of physical items such as laundry, a lamp, and a pencil. It is, rather, the preparation of your heart to understand that it is not education from books that you must be seeking, but the education of other people - specifically professors. These wonderful people have learned much through their experience and have much to share even beyond what their textbooks teach. Also, with the students that sit and listen to the professor as well, they have lives of stories and a archive of memories that bring them to the same classroom as you. Study, yes, but do not lose sight of the opportunity to make the most of the relationships you have in college. Going to a college or university does not mean that you must stay away from all things other than books and libraries. All of your life is a learning experience, but through these few years of your life, take all the information that you come across. Don't leave it sitting around, though, make it a part of who you are and who you will be.


dont go to wheelock


People worry about the cost of how much you school is, but I think that the value of education and where you go to school is more important that cost! Go to the school that suits you, and worry about other factors later.


I would advise students to start thinking about college well before their senior year in college. Filling out applications and writing essays is a time consuming process and you want the documents you submit to colleges to be perfect. Apply to a lot of schools to allow yourself options, and always go with your gut when deciding which school to go to. You want to love where you are and feel comfortable in your environment.


I would tell students and parents to look at every aspect of the school to see if it is exactly what the student wants. I would tell them to make sure the school gets good revies and that the students are generally excited to attend the University. Also, I would suggest to look for a school that has many diverse activities like sports, clubs, etc.


The cost of the college can be a big descision when choosing a school. I chose my school cause it was less expensive and now i realize this is the school for me. Even though it is less expensive than the ivy leagues i feel i still get the same education that i need to get a job. Try and apply to as many colleges as possible so that you have more choices and also always have one school that you know you will definately get into just incase every other school says no. When you start school start with a positive attitude and keep that attitude throughout the years. This is the time that is preparing you for the world. Stay focus and try your hardest.


Campus visits and asking around. Ask the students on campus what it's really like they are the most truthful people to ask about the campus. Also, know how you learn best. If you do well in large classes, attend a larger school. If you like discussion classes, go to a smaller school. Finally, Make sure you like the town/city you will be in as well. If you hate the area, the school won't be able to keep your interest.


Vist every prospective college twice. Once with a tour, and the second time on the weekend without a tour.


It is important to find a school that is not only academically geared but also has other opportunities to get involved and meet other people either in the same major or of the same class year. I suggest finding a school with smaller class sizes so that the professors have more of an opporunity to interact with the students and help him or her to do their very best throughout the college experience. I also suggest a smaller campus; it will make the student feel as though they participate in a close community of academic pursuit. Most of all, it is important to find a college where the student feels as though he or she belongs and he or she is accepted among the community for whom he or she is. The student will be able to flourish in all aspects of his or her life if the community allows he or she to act in accordance to his or her ideals.


Don't hold anything back. Strive to achieve and be the best that you can and you will get the most out of your college experience.


Students and parents should make sure that there are a wide range of academic courses offered at the school. They should also make sure that the school supports them and that there are resources that can help them if they have a problem or need help with classes. Students should spend a weekend at the school to see how the social life is to see what they will be living like if they decide to choose that school. They should also sit in on some classes to see if they are competative enough. Finally, apply for financial aid and see if the costs of going to the school is going to be worth what the student gets out of it. Planning for the future is important and coming out of school with hundreds of thousands of dollars debt might not be the best plant for them.


I think that even if you choose a school that isn't what you thought it would be, you still learn important life lessons and learn more about yourself than you could anywhere else. I'm not totally satisfyed with my school, but I don't regret going here, because I'm a different (and better, I believe) person than I was when I applied.


Just make sure where you go to college is where you truly want to go.


As a freshman in college, get involved. Join every group that interests you and seek out different opportunities. Make things happen. No one is going to drop opportunites in your lap. You have to go out and join clubs and meet people. Networking in college is very important. When trying to decide on the right school, think about size, availability of majors and location. Do not pick a school just because it has the major you want, because chances are you will change your mind. Instead pick a college that has a few different majors you are interested in. Also look at location. Choose a school that has an active community and businesses and opportunities. Transportation is also huge in college. Choose a school that has access to cities or surrounding towns.


Make sure that you go to all of the tours and information sessions available at the schools you want to go to. Also, knowing someone who goes/went to that school is a HUGE plus. They can give you the REAL scoop that you won't see in brochures or hear during tours. During college, study hard, but don't forget to have a social life too!


i would tell parents and students to go and visit the schools before deciding. make sure that it is right for your son or daughter by researching about the classes, activites, campus life, and dorms. make sure that they are committed to giving you or your child the best education that they possibly can. i would tell them to look at as many schools as you can, even if you aren't sure that you want to go there. make sure that you have a lot of choices at your disposal, and use the resources that they provide to you.


go to the college, not only get the tour but sit in on a class, talk to the students, eat the food, and get around to see whats around the college and what you would like to do when you arent in class


when you first visit the campus, you can feel whether or not if this is the place for you. when in college, take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way in order to give yourself the best experience that you can possibly have.