Framingham State University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


Because of the bad economy Framingham State's student population has risen over the past few years. Unfortunately, the number of on campus jobs has not grown as fast and it is difficult to find an on campus job if you don't have work study. The school is located on route 9 and there are plenty of businesses that will hire students but if you don't have a car on campus it is less convenient to try to get to work.


It is kind of hard to graduate on time. Some people end up having to stay an extra semester because they do not have the needed classes for their major. It can also be hard to get into the classes you need on time because it is common to have to take classes in a series and you need a certain one before you can move on.


I believe the academics are the hardest. It's a combination of hard work loads and different teaching styles. For most people I know here, regardless of major, our classes are more difficult than most of other state schools in the area. It's frustrating to work for long hours and see little to no results in the end. For my major, I know that you essentially compromise your social life to keep up academics.


The lack of parking spaces available for commuters, and the distance from school to the resident parking area is the most frustrating thing about my school.


I am a transefer student and life in off campus housing. In my off campus housing there is no sense of community. Due to everyone having there own room and bathroom; everyone keeps to themselves, making it very hard to get to know anyone. Also I think my school and other school should have a suport group/club for transfer students, so that they can meet and discuss the problems they are experiencing. Also I do not like the food service. They do not let meal blocks roll over from semester to semester.


Most people leave on the weekends


The campus does not allow students over the age of 21 to drink on campus, or even return to campus drunk after a night of drinking, when they are of age.


It's small and can be boring, everyone goes home on the weekend. There are fun people, but I wish that there was mroe things going on!


The shuttle that takes you to your car some time takes forever which makes me late for work. Also the firedrills that happen in the middle of the night, they happen alot. Sometimes i can't get a hold of my teachers or they take a long time correcting work which is frustrating.