Francis Marion University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


A very engaging university with lots of student activities constantly going on. The teachers i have had were all very helpful both in and outside of the classroom


It's a great place to learn with many activites to get students involved.


Francis Marion University is a wonderful school for individuals focused on completing their degree and live in nearby communities.


Francis Marion University is a school with extremely supportive staff and a great learning environment.


My school has a small beautiful campus, with very friendly helpful professors .


Francis Marion University is a very quiet, clean, and productive campus with a great learning environment.


Francis Marion is a convenient, compact, affordable, and yet highly respected university which meets my needs nicely.


A southern, spacey, nature based school that is very friendly and comfortable.


Francis Marion University is a respectable higher education of learning.


A home away from home, where one can go to recieve knowledge and feel comfortable in what they have taken in because they have recieved a valuable education from a University that has numerous accredidations and a dedication towards the overall benefit of the student.


It is education oreineted and very conservative.


Francis Marion University is a school that places a lot of emphasis on helping students succeed in the real world, or at least that is how the Business Department views it's students.


Francis Marion University is a school for which secular worldviews are examined. Since this is a state school biblical worldviews are left out and not focused on in the process of psychology.


Francis Marion is squirel infested and in the woods, but none the less a great school!


This school, is great, there are plenty of things to do, just have to get out and find them.


It is just the right school for someone that doesn't like big cities but wants to have a good time and make lifetime friends.