Francis Marion University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


In my opinion i think the type of person that shouldnt attend Francis Marion University is someone who isnt serious about their eduaction or work ethics.I say this because Francis Marion is one of the best schools in South Carolina and they have an excellent graduation percentage. Francis Marion provides students with a great value of education and the perfessors there they will help you when they see that you are trying and putting your best effort forward. So if you arent serious about your future and education you should not attend the great school of Francis Marion University.


I person who wants to just skate by in school. A person who doesn't take their work serious becuase our school is a very hard working school


a person that's not eager to learn shouln't attend FMU.


The kind of person who shouldn't attend Francis Marion is someone who just want to come to college and play around and party all the time. Doing this will get you no where. It would be a waste of time and money for you, your parents, and the school.


A lazy person with no vision.


A person who is used to easy test and not a lot of homework.


A person who is seeking a college that revolves around sports, parties, and a big city should not attend Francis Marion. This university prides itself on it's high academic standards and focus on success of the student. Parties are not held daily, and are not highly advertised on campus. We do not have a football team becuase of our focus on academics. Florence is a fairly rural city and there is not many places to go shopping or hang out.


Someone that refuses to change for a person or professor may have a difficult time adjusting to this school. Art and social programs are found in abundance, but often come with a negative connotation.


A person who just come to school to party because we have a lot of them and if your mind is not on school work most of the time, then you will get caught up in the mix.


The kind of person that shouldn't attend Francis Marion University is a person that only likes to have fun and can't be serious to get their work and studying done. A person that is rude and cannot respect others personal space and belongings should not attend. Someone that is racist should not attend because Francis Marion enrolls many students from different countries and backgrouds. A negative person should not attend because the campus has a cheerful feel to it that makes one feel welcome and at home.


a person whose looking to go to a big city. female who wants to date


someone who isn't willing to study since its a very hard school