Francis Marion University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stay focused and don't get wrapped up so much in socializing because grades are the most important thing.


Providing that I have the opportunity to go back in time, I would reveal the truth to myself that college is basically equal to time and I'll have to manage through time if I want to make it into the business world successfully. Paying attention is very vital and keeping myself organized will make a difference in my studies. I would explain that my professors are there to help me become the person I long to be in my future and I have to trust in them to provide the necessary requirements in becoming a promising engineer. Beyond anything I would have to tell myself that I need to trust in my instincts, mind, and heart to make it to the end of the road and beginning to my life.


If I could go back in time, I would encourage myself to work hard and don't be afraid to take chances.


I would advice all students that are searching for the right college to first make a list of the primary features you are looking for in a school. Important features you may want to consider include the amount the school cost per year, the distance it is from home, and does the school have your intended major. Then go online and research schools that may fit the features on the list. Narrow down your list of schools to 3 schools. Go visit these schools and make sure they have everything you are looking for in a college to make the most out of your college experience. Sit down with your parents and as a group, consider all the choices you have made, after all they most likely will be contributing a lot of money and/or time to your college experience.


Picking a college is a hard choice for anyone. Its going to basically be a second home for a student coming into college and the advice that I would give to parents and students alike is to thing long and hard on the college that is best and never rule anything or any school out. You should take time to visit each of the schools that you would like to go to many of these institutions give free guided tours all the time and most of these tours are provided by students giving you a very good perspective of the students view of the university. As for making the most out of the college experience the students need to take advantage of programs like fraternities, soroirities, and academic organizations that provide the student with the full college experience not just the educational facets of college as a institution for learning. Not only is it an institution for learning but also its a place to broaden your horizons and be the experience of a lifetime. I know that my college experience has been for me.


My advice to parents is to be a supporter for your children. They may not pick your alumni or a school of your choice, so still support and help them in a good college choice. Students, pick a school that you would feel comfortable at. One of my reasons for picking FMU is because of its size, not too big or too small. The most important thing is picking a school that has a great program for your major. Jobs in the real world are very competitive, so having that school with a great program for your major behind your belt is very helpful.


Research. That is the keyword. In fact ,that is the only word. Find out as much as you can about any school that your child wants to go to. And I think that a student will have a better outlook on going to the school they end up at if they have a strong and included opinion of what school they get to go to. And always remember that no one is perfect and since these schools are run by fellow human beings not every school is perfect. So it makes sense to take the good with the bad, and weigh the pros and cons so a good choice can be made. And for students, or prospective students, never turn down an offer for help. You're at a point in life when you will meet some of the awsome people you will ever have the priveledge to meet, and they will help you, some with out you even noticing. They will run the gambit of other students, proffesors, man the kitchen staff! Being closed minded and set in your ways won't work. Experience life and learn, because you will learn alot and be glad that you did.


Let the student decide, if it is within the finance of the family. If the child selects the college, more than likely he/she will give it their 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c}.


Do your research.


Shop around as much as you can. It's important to check out the campus and see how much walking you'll have to do to get from class to class, and take into mind that there is a time limit between classes. Looking at everything that's offered is very important. Also always check the transferability of every course in case you decide to change schools so your work is not wasted.


I would advice paretns and students to tour all colleges the student is considering, and come prepared with questions the student may have. Be sure to talk to finacial counselors and admissions counselors. If the college is away from home, be sure to visit campus housing. I think it is also very important to consider the affordability of college, and be sure that the college of choice is affordable. Nothing is worse than being a new college graduate with an enourmous amount of debt. Students need to remeber that college is very important to their future and they need to talk it seriously. Above all, make the best of the situation, and take it seriously!


make sure you pick your school, not your parents but you. When you did find the school of your dreams, make sure to get out, make friends and party. But your first year away from home can be distracting so remember the sole purpose you're in school is to get an education, so study. Last but not least, make the most of your college experience get out join a sorority/fraternity or a social club.... and remember to always Have Fun!!!!


For those parents and students who are trying to find the right college for them, I would look for the aspects that favor my interest. Personally, for me I chose to favor acedemic aspects over campus activites but however found out that it is my personal happiness or sense of belonging that fuels my academic desires. So therefore, I stress that you explore schools and understand the feel for which you get from certain schools and remember that you should not only focus on one central aspect of the school.


When it comes to finding the right college for you or your child, the only thing I can truly stress about it is make sure that you go to a school and major in what YOU want to do, opposed to what others may say or think. I say this because in the end, YOU are the one having to live with that decision for the rest of your life.


If you are looking for a small school with big school activites FMU is the best place. The student teacher ratio in most classes is 30:1 and in the smallest classes 3:1 and the biggest classes are 75:1. I am personally a orientation leader so I can promise you the orientation will be the best. Also the falculty and staff are awesome. They are always available to help they use the open door policy if it's open come on in. This sounds like a sales pitch LOL, but if your interested visit and "Join the Revolution."


Listen to your what you think is right!


I would tell parents to try and asisst there children in picking the right college. Make college visits and talk to former students and see their ideas about the school. Remember you don't want to waste money at a college where u won't enjoy yourself. To the students, make sure that you become active on campus because if you don't, then you won't enjoy your college life. Now is not the the time to be shy anymore, you're grown. Make friends cause college friends are with you for ever.


Be sure that you visit as many colleges as possible. Going to college is a big step and finding the right college for you is vital in your future success. Look for a university that not only well suits you academically, but also seems to fit your personality socially. Look for a school that you will be able to involve yourself, on campus and atleast options to in the community. The college experience is greatly amplified when you take part in as many student activities as possible.


When trying to find the right college, parents and students should take into consideration the location of the school. How far is it from home and how easy would it be to get home should the need arise. Also, when choosing a college, make sure to visit the college first. Ask a lot of questions of both students and faculty, tour the whole campus, and find out about social activities and school sports. Find out everything you can about the school. To make the most of your college experience, become involved in social activities and, if possible, sports programs. Join a club or sorority/fraternity. This is an excellent want to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Most importantly, be sure to study hard. Set up a study schedule and stick to it. This will alleviate stress concerning grades. Working hard for your future is the reason you are at college.


Choose a college that will provide you with hands-on experience in your field and travel opportunities. These two things will train you for life and a career, as well as broading your horizons. Work hard and play hard and enjoy your time as a student and a part of a college community.


Find a school that fits your/ your child's lifestyle. Somewhere that encourages the students to be social and get involved on campus as well as make good grades. Somewhere that focuses on academics and not just athletics. I would imagine that everyone would want to attend a school that they can be happy with as well as being convient because I don't think it's really neccessary to go to college very far from home, but some people would rather have things that way. So i would tell the parent/student to choose wisely and follow their instinct.


I would start looking for the right college before your senior year in high school. Both the parents and student should visit as many campuses as possible to find the right one for the student, a college they feel comfortable at. When starting college participate in as much activities as possible, but don't let it interfer with your school work. Make sure school comes first. Be in greek life or a club, because it helps you get the most out of school and it helps you grow as a person. Make new friends and don't be afraid to meet new diverse people, they can teach you alot. Don't think twice about studying abroad if your school offers it because it is a once in a lifetime experience. Don't let the party scene get out of control, it can ruin your college life by flunking out of school and DON'T ever let your friends or anyone drink and drive.


Do your research! Explore your options, and know what it most important to you before you go into. Don't go in blind; always talk to students who have been there, and who have experience at the school with the major you plan on pursuing. A lot of schools "trick" you when you visit them. Students should decide what they want--not what their parents want or what their friends are doing. They're the ones who have to deal with their decision, after all.


My advice to students would be to find a college where you feel most comfortable. Where the environment is safe. Look at the academic background of the college, making sure they are an acredited school especially in your major. Visit all the colleges that you have in mind of attending, your opinion about the school could change after one visit. Lastly discuss with your parents how much money you're recieveing in financial aid, you might need a loan. Remember when going off to college to think about whats best for you not your parents because you will be the one staying there not them.


make sure your ready and stay comitted


The advice i would give is, basically choose your college for the right reasons, to get an education, meet new people, and just to enjoy the college experience for what it is. You will have your ups and downs but just know that if you focus and enjoy yourself every now and then, you'll be glad you went to school, got a degree and had fun doing it. To the parents my advice would be just support your child through college, they'll change their minds possibly about their major. Dont get mad, its bound to happen, but just know that in the end when you see them walk across the stage again it will be well worth it.