Francis Marion University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


the major choices, location and tuition are favorable. the major choices would help prepare me for grad or medical school, the location is close so i could commute daily and lastly the tuition is cheaper compared to other colleges in the region


The teachers that they have at Francis Marion University are very sraight foward. They push you to do your work, which causes you not to want to slack off. They also have many centers to help you with the work that you don't understand to help better your eduacation


My family and I were migrant workers. I began working in the fields at the age of 15. I was very thankful for my parents and the experience because both taught me the value of hard work and dedication. I always knew that I wanted to go to college. I graduated from HIgh School in 1994. I attended Francis Marion University in Florence, SC because the school embodied that hard work and dedication values that I grew up on. The professors are dedicated to teach you and the students work hard to learn all they can to be successful.


The school provides activities for students to do at night and on weekends.


The atmosphere of Francis Marion I would have to say is the best thing. My reasoning for this is simply because Francis Marion has created a personal and homly on campus and in-class atmosphere. The atmosphere for me and so many of my other fellow classmates eases the learning process. There is a sense of comfort, that makes one feel safe even though they are away from home.


i'd say that the best thing about my school is all the resources available to help you study, get tutoring, and help with learning your work. the teacher are so helpful the they want you to understand your work.


The best thing that I consider about Francis Marion University is that the most of the professors are devoted to their students. The professors there always encourage you to come by their office if you feel as though you have questions that you may have been afraid to ask in class or if you need help understanding an assignment. The help of the professors is what I consider to be the best thing about Francis Marion University.


Personlly I find the campus set up to be the a great thing. Everything that could be needed by a student is close by. For freshmen students that live on campus, its easy to get an understanding of the location of where eveything is because they are positioned in the middle of it all.


The best thing about Francis Marion University is fact the I am guaranteed a job in my career field upon graduation! Also, the fact that I have met wonderful people whom I will continue friendship with after I graduate!


The best thing about my school is that they allow you to be independent. They allow you to have the responsibilities that you have never had before. They makes sure you are always safe at all times. The reason why these are the things that I take seriously is because you may be taking classes that are almost the same, but they do not treat you like high school students. In order for me to focus on my classes I need to feel safe, and they gives me that security, and I like that.


The best thing about my school is that everybody is close. Francis Marion University is not that big but not small either. Pretty much everybody knows each other or know of each other and very friendly.


Can't say at this point.


The interaction the students have with their professors.


The best thing about my school, from my point of view would be the easy access to the resources around campus, as well as the on call security and maintenence crew.


my sorority


FMU offers amazing opportunies to present at conferences around the nation and world, as well as incredible travel opportunities.


I think that the best thing about my school are the professors. Most of them will try to work with you, and help you to achieve the grade that you want in their class. If you apply yourself to the work and take advantage of extra credit opportunities there's no reason why you can't get the grade that you want. They are also available outside of class if you are having trouble.


its a liberal college. so you get more for your money