Franciscan University of Steubenville Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People woh are passion about their faith and want to be challenged academically as well should come her. It is great for people looking to be in a smaller school enviroment and for people who are looking to have a small faculty to student ratio.


A person who not only wants to succeed in their academic studies but also a person who wants to grow in their faith.


Anyone who wants a good academic education (otherwise, don't come to college) witha strong faith-based background. Whether you want to keep the faith through college or have a weak faith bolstered and stregthened, Franciscan is the place. Its range of majors is somewhat limited, but all the majors it has, it forms well.


People who desire to learn and succeed in life are the type of people who should attend this school. Without students who want to learn, the school wouldn't function.


If you are looking to refine your talents and gifts, challenge your mind intellectually, grow in moral virtue and serve as a witness of hope to the world, Franciscan University of Steubenville is the place for you.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who really wants to grow both academically and spiritually. Franciscan University is a wonderful Catholic school for students interested in learning more about the Catholic faith and wanting to grow in their faith life. Franciscan University is also a place where students can grow academically so that they can achieve all that they want to in the future.


The type of person to attend this school should be a Catholic that is wanting to increase his/hers faith or maintain it. A person that doesn't enjoy parties or alcohol would fit very well into this school. Someone who is looking into Theology or Nursing as a major should see this school first.


Franciscan University accomodates people from all walks of life and cultures worldwide. Anyone looking for an environment to enhance their spiritual and academic life, while making some lifelong friends in the process would benefit greatly by experiencing what FUS has to offer.


Anyone who wants to receive a challenging education will find Franciscan University to be a wonderful fit. With smaller class sizes and friendly professors, students learn in a supportive, yet demanding atmosphere. In addition, this school is meant for any student searching for the truth. Full of faith-filled students, this campus provides strength to believers and answers for seekers.


Someone who is very much interested and in love with their Catholic faith will love this school. This school strikes the perfect balance of being both charismatic and orthodox. There is an extremely strong sense of community here that I don't believe you will find anywhere else. Anyone looking for a great Catholic school, with a great community, and top notch academics will love it here.


A person who has a desire to live out their Christian faith on a daily basis, surrounded by a community that all share the same desire. This faith should be a faith that seeks understanding, one which is not oppossed to reason but uses reason to understand what faith believes. This person should be open to all truth, because the truth God reveals and is accepted in faith is not contrary to the truth known through the physical, natural, and social sciences.


Some one who is passionately Catholic and looking for this type of environment. The academics are challenging and the professors are well learned in their subjects. The average student is a cradle Catholic who desires to live the fullest they can in the Faith. There is a high focus on mission trips, community service and involvment with spiritual social groups on campus. Most of the students are fans of praise and worship music and enjoy playing the guitar or singing along.


Although the university, almost all the students, and most of the faculty are Catholic, anyone will feel welcome from the minute the set foot on campus. Everyone should attend this school!


While Catholics are definitely the majority here, there are students from other faiths, and there are opportunities for everybody to get involved. The student population is also very diverse in terms of socioeconomic backgrounds, age, and plans in life. Franciscan has a niche for everyone, but those looking to grow in faith will have the most opportunities and the best experience.


Students eager to form not only their minds, but their hearts and souls as well. Franciscan University of Steubenville provides an atmosphere of authentic and vibrant Catholic life. Students should be open to growing in their relationship with God and they will see how they can become a spiritual leader in the world today.


Someone who is Roman Catholic and believes in the necessity of integrating Faith and reason.


Someone who wants to grow in their Roman Catholic faith, make lifelong friends, become actively involved in the community, missions work, or conservative activist groups (such as Students for Life), and who wants to prepare themselves very well for their career choice.


Smart, middle high class, spiritual person


Someone who loves Catholicism and wants to meet innocent people.


A person that is excited to learn new things about the Catholic Christian faith and that is willing to see a dynamic way to live that faith out through a variety of experiences, ministries, and social groups.


Passionate, strong moral, academic, studious, reasonable, personable, compassionate people