Franciscan University of Steubenville Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The people that attend Franciscan are a positive influence, and I knew that when I went to class, my professors had firm feet on the ground and were going to guide me as best as possible.


I love the faith environment and Catholic orthodoxy that is unique at Franciscan. Both of these elements make Franciscan a remarkable and extraordinary secondary institution.


I believe that the opportunities that Franciscan University of Steubenville provides are the best things about it. Franciscan University offers a variety of classes that will help one grow intellectually. It also provides many opportunites for one to either learn or grow in the Catholic faith.


The best thing about my school is how they truly live up to their mission statement: "Academically excellent. Passionately Catholic." They have taught me that education matters more than anyone can imagine. Classes are challenging yet very rewarding and teachers truly care and want the best for their students. They strive to express to their students to be proud of their faith and that they can live there faith in everything they do in life. Franciscan University has taught me that college gives you enhanced skills that you already possess and brings out skills you never imagined having.


The Catholic aspect is the best part of this school. This is because it allows religion to be present in the school and in the teaching of the school.


My favorite aspect about this school is its emphasis on providing a well-rounded atmosphere. While pushing students to do their very best and to apply themselves to their utmost in regards to academics, the school nevertheless understands the importance of a well-balanced life. In addition to the rigorous classes offered, the school provides outlets for staying healthy through exercise and for fostering both their social and their spiritual lives.


I think the campus life is one of the best things about the school because campus life includes the people as well as the activities that go on around campus and the people are so nice and always willing to accept new people without judgement.


The best thing about Franciscan is the incorporation of faith and reason into the curriculum. The classes not only challenge students to reach out of their comfort zone, but also relate faith into our everyday lives! Knowing that faith matters is crutial to our success post-graduation, and Franciscan is no doubt the best place to learn that.


It is small and academically challenges you.


My school is very religious. This can be good because I am comfertable expressing my faith here.