Franklin College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


All of my classmates seem very focused on schoolwork and many of them participate in sports.


Some of my classmates think that they are better than everyone else and tend to show it while in class. Others are dependent on the rest of their classmates to do the work for them or answer questions. Also, some of my classmates act like the know it all, while others are not afraid to be wrong. Overall, in my major, my classmates tend to be hard working and prepared for each class meeting. However, there are still the few students who do not put forth the effort that rest of us do.


White, middle-class students that have the same opinions as their parents and dont really think for themselves.


Ready to work hard, but always looking for a good time.


Friendly, helpful, caring, intelligent, interactive, diverse.


My classmates are fun, upbeat, positive, ecouraging, and driven young people.


My classmates are hard-working, caring individuals who are serious about getting a quality education.

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