Franklin College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Franklin College is best know for its medical programs and the education department that has been very successful. Franklin College is also known for the close relationships that students are able to have with their professors.


Our school is known for being challenging but very rewarding. We are known for our traditions, our football, and our huge fan club!


Franklin College is best known for greek life. I believe when I came here last year there was over 80% of students involved with sororities/fraternities. It is what most students do to become more involved with their experience at school. Plus, it also helps on your resume as well.


I am proud to say that Franklin College is known for many things. We house fantastic sports teams, having won conference in nearly every sport through the past few years. We also have a growing interest in the arts, as the our theatre, Theatre Margot, was built recently, and still presents a nice, new feel. However, the aspect we are best known for is our journalism program. The Pulliam School of Journalism is listed as one of the top five small school programs in the country. This is a fact Franklin College is proud of!


It is known giving students a great education filled with amazing experiences and great support from faculty, staff, and alumni.


Journalism and education.


Our school is best known for being a liberal arts college. We offer many different types of majors and undergraduate programs, many of which rank very high nationally. We have a great student body that is very active, especially around the sports associated with the campus. There are 9 varsity sports for both men and women. We are also known for our great location, being close to both Indianapolis and Bloomington Indiana. It is a great small college atmosphere to be apart of.



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