Franklin College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


At Virginia Tech we believe the students ?Invent the Future?, so anyone who is looking for a learning experience and a degree that will help them better the world they live in would do well at Virginia Tech. Like many colleges, Tech requires dedication and hard work in order to successfully achieve the academic goals, so prospective students should make sure they are up to the task. ?That I may serve? is our motto, so students who want to make a difference in lives around them by serving others would fit in perfectly.


Someone who is upbeat, enjoys being involved on campus, and wants to learn more while enjoying many aspects that the campus community has to offer.


someone who likes a small school and wants to get to know everyone on campus includding profs.


Anyone that likes to learn and have fun and is self-reliant and responsible.


Any kind of person can attend Franklin College. It would be nice to see some diversity. Franklin focuses on academics and offers no atheltic scholarships, so a person must be smart!


Someone who is looking for smaller classes, professors who really know you and the chance to have a quality, hands-on education. As far as location goes, if someone is looking for a college in the suburbs that is close to large cities and many attractions, Franklin is ideal.


someone strongly focused on academics

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