Franklin College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


There is no person that should not attend Franklin College. It is an institution that is open to all kinds of personalities. Any type of person will find this school to be easy to fit into and its students and staff very kind and caring. The small atmosphere allows for close contact with professors and other students.


If you are a big city type of person you probably should not attend this school. If you don't like one-on-one attention from your professors, this is also not the place for you. Also, if you are not friendly and are a trouble maker, you probably should not attend this college. This is a very calm and quiet campus.


Someone who likes small classes and individual faculty attention. Also someone who wants to try new things.


Someone who is not willing to do their work and put forth the effort.


A person that doesn't like to attend class and one that wants to party more than study. This school is tough because it is private and attendance is mandatory in every class.


Some one who dose not want indiviual attention.


One who is going to college for the environment, partying, etc, rather than academic reasons.

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