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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


My advice would be to listen to what people are telling me because they are not exaggerating. College is hard, exhausting and expensive. I would tell myself to hoard every penny I came in contact with and to go into my freshman year focused and motivated. To work extra hard that first year because if you put yourself in a hole it is twice as hard to dig yourself out. Sometimes you wont connect with your professors, don't give up, find outside help; don't lose contact with your high school teachers because they are a wonderful resource for those tough classes. For the professors you do connect with go to office hours ask for help, participate in class, and ask questions. Get a tutor there is no shame in it. Don't get used to your full nights of sleep because working full time and being a full time student means plenty of all nighters. You will have tremendous work load and you will be exhausted and many nights you will feel like giving up, just remember to keep your head up and stay strong, just like in track, you go hard out of those blocks.


Don't go to college immediately. Take some time to gain some real life experience before'll appreciate it so much more!