Franklin Pierce University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


When discussing the perks of attending schools with friends, for Franklin Pierce University, the scenery and view will always come up. Mt. Manadnock is a beautiful backdrop as well as Pearly Pond at the bottom of campus. Watching the sunset go down over the pond and creating vivid colors unlike any other going over the mountain is truly remarkable. It may not be near a city, but you can't beat the view.


Everything---learning, the beautiful campus, social life, and etc!! I love it here!!


I brag about te views i have right on campus. The beautiful lake with the mountains overlookin it. I also brag aout the great lifelong friends i have made in my short time of being at this school.


I brag most about the small class sizes and great discussions. Perhaps most of all about the people there and amount of friends I have.


The tiny classes and the amazing scenery surrounding the campus.