Franklin Pierce University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about Franklin Pierce University is the weather. It's in New Hampshire so it's obviously going to be cold and snowy in the winter which is not enjoyable when having to walk to class. When it's 0 degrees out and snowy, walking to class or going to get lunch are not a good experience.


There are no longer and majors in arts or in mathematics as they were all cut.


I have only enrolled in my school but have not attended or registered for classes yet. I am not familiar with the student life.


Student government. They don't seem to do much, most people don't even know who the class officers are.


Campus safety has too much power and so doesnt the local police department, if your l iving in freshmen dormsprepare for fire alarmsmid december at 3 a.m.


The cafeteria is terrible - poor selection of food and it is heavily salt based. Also, everything closes in the town at 9pm (things like restaurants, WalMart, and grocery stores).


The worst thing about Franklin Pierce, in my opinion, is that "fun" seems to depend on "alcohol," which makes socialization difficult for teetotallers. Even the wellness housing options aren't entirely substance-free; the apartments downstairs have given my building such lovely decorations like half-full, open beer bottles. And to think - some people just put up Christmas lights.