Franklin W Olin College of Engineering Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


Diverse, empowered individuals intent on utilizing their skills for innovative and beneficial human impact.


In one word, students at Olin are passionate, whether it's about academics and classes, sports, hobbies, research oppurtunities, outside jobs, or even spending time with each other; they dedicate themselves to doing what they enjoy and they are always trying to find new ways to do so.


The students are what make Olin. Period. Even if Olin had horrible classes, and terrible facilities I would still gladly go because of the people there. never before have I been around so many passionate and interesting people. Olin, on the whole is fairly liberal. Very LGBT friendly. That being said there's a number of fairly outspoken conservatives and very religious folks (just not that many), so we've got all types. It's not a terribly competitive place academically, no one cares what your GPA is or how well you did on this or that test. That being said, if you do awesome stuff, people stand up and take notice. If you build a 10 ft tall flaming dinosaur robot, people give you recognition.


Ok. At this point I've become bored of writing. Maybe I'll finish this later. Hopefully someone else will fill in where I left off.