Franklin W Olin College of Engineering Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?


Olin academics are tough. There is an enormous amount of work assigned to you and not a lot of time to do it in. it is not rare for students to fail classes or perform worse then they ever performed in high school. That being said, Olin academics are an enormous step ahead of academics at other schools. You work will largely be team based and exciting. You will be given broad goals and you will have to interpret how to reach them. Olin's academics succeed where they deviate from pedagogical convention most. There are a couple of standard problem set classes and you are forced to take them due to some of the less innovative faculty digging their heels in.


One of my favorite aspects of Olin is the collaborative culture. People are generally not competitive about academics, in my experience, which creates a very good learning environment. The professors are really approachable, and they are eager to help, and to get to know you.


Yes, your professors will know your name. You will also learn their children's names. Do Olin students have intellectual conversations outside of class? Generally outside of class the talk is much more about cool stuff to build, and how it could work. The admissions team does a fairly accurate job of explaining the unique freshman classes.