Fred W Eberle Technical Center Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I were to tell myself something about the college life in high school it would be to better plan financially. I feel that I didn’t apply for scholarships and soon as I should have. I would also make sure to tell myself that I needed to attend the college program they offered at our high school. I ended up going to that community college after high school and it would have greatly benefitted me participating in that program. Also, I am serving active duty in the Air Force and if I were to do it again I would have tried much harder in high school to possible go to the Air Force academy. I look forward to getting my bachelors done and I never thought in high school I would be so excited to go back to school.


Attending an institution of higher learning has been a goal of mine for a long time. I am from a poor family and until my graduating from a 2 year college with my Associates degree in 2005 no one in my family had ever attended let alone graduated college. I am now finishing my Undegrad and plan to pursue a Masters of Business Administration with concentration in Healthcare Administration. This will enable me to be in a position to help those in need in the Healthcare system. Attending college has also helped me to become a better leader. I have a more diverse background and understand how to manage people better which is a very good asset to have being in the military.


My college experience now incompasses attendance at four seperate universities and numerous different styles of teaching. The most valuable thing I have learned in my attendance at the various schools was learning what types of classroom and teaching styles I respond to best. I have found that I am able to learn better in an online classroom or in a self paced course. I tend to attack classes in a very fast paced manner and when in the classroom tend to out pace the lesson plan and become bored. Learning the styles of teaching that I respond to best has proven valuable to me in the classroom but also extended into the workplace where I am able to quickly adapt to changes and expectations in the workplace. Knowing the best way for me to attack a problem and learn from a situation has allowed me to place myself in work situations where I could quickly learn from my surroundings and better my ability to serve within the armed forces. It has also led to accelerated promotions.