Frederick Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I am embarassed to say that many of people I attend school with do not know exactly what they want to do at this point in their life. I do not share many of the same values and goals as them, and it is hard to maintain friendships with people who are not as goal-oriented as I am.


Guidance counseling is not that great.


It is hard to think of what to consider as the worst part of my school, because there are so many good things that stand out. Although if I had to choose one thing that was the worst about my college experience at FCC it would be the crowded parking lot. At times there is simply not enough room for all the students, but the key is to show up early to class to get a good parking spot. If not there could be a lot of walking in store for you and you could be late to class.


The parking is limited!! The school continues to increase in size, yet as they continue to build more, the one thing they are forgetting is parking lots. Since Frederick Community College IS a commuter campus, it is very important that there are places to park students and faculty cars.


I honestly really do not think there is anything bed about my school. Its close to home and you get the one on one time with your teachers to really help yourself succeed.