Frederick Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Any kind of person is able to attend here! I was kind of set back on how accepting people here are. Granted, there are people who you wont click with, just like anywhere else, but eveyone else is great! Students here are very accepting to whoever you may be, and I wouldn't tell anyone that they wouldn't "fit in."


Anyone looking to further their education while being able to work and save money.


Students who wish to get a good education while saving money at a community college. Any student who isn't exactly sure what their major should be or what university they should attend.


Anybody looking to improve their knowledge, perhaps to lead on to bigger and better things. Anybody looking to be promoted based on skill and knowledge.


The people that should attend this school is anyone who is looking to continue there education but also want to stay close to home. Another good reason to attend this school is because its not like a big univeristy where you dont get any one on one time with your teachers. All the teachers here are very helpful and would do anything to see there students succeed in school and in life in general.


The school I'm attending, Frederick Community College, is a school that really is for everyone. If you are just coming out of high school or haven't gone to school in years. Any one who is willing to try to change their lives by getting a higher education is someone that should be attending community college. Not everyone can afford a four year university and by going to community college it makes it easier to afford. College in general is for anyone that is trying to better themselfs and their futures.


Anyone is welcome at this college. It is very diverse with people of all ages and backgrounds. It's pretty laid back and a nice place to attend school if you want to save money and get a good education in the field of your choice.