Frederick Community College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to make more friends, and find more people going to FCC! The college life is amazing, and way better than high school, but it is by no means easier. I would tell myself to be smarter with my money, and to avoid the people who cost me the most. And the best advice I could give myself is that I need to stop worrying about what others think of you. You need to stop worrying about what everyone thinks of you. In life, you can't be everyone's friend. Life is short to be focusing on what everyone thinks. Be who you want to be, and people will love you for that. When I finally realized that, I made new friends, who helped me through my first semester. We all have eachother's back, and we refuse to let eachother fail.


Don't feel like you have to know your exact career path. Don't just settle on something that sounds good. Don't base what you want to do on money. Get to know what you truely enjoy learning about, that will lead you to the right major and career path.


If I could go back and tell my high school senior self what I know now, I would tell myself to stop and smell the roses. I spent my high school years fixating on the future and always worrying about what was next on my agenda. While working hard to achieve certain goals, it is important to still use the time be happy because time isn't something someone can earn back. This passed October, I lost a really close friend of mine who was also attending FCC. This really opened my eyes to how fast someone's life can be taken away and to the importance to how we spend our precious time. I learned to be thankful for every second and I knew I wanted to make a point to appreciate life to the great extent to which my friend had. Therefore, this unfortunate event has made me into a wiser individual and I am whilling to share that lesson with anyone in hopes that they never have to learn it the way I did.


I would tell myself to spend the majority of my time doing school work. Getting good grades helps students get accepted to college as well as get scholarships. While I had a GPA of 3.75, I wish I would have worked harder to get a 4.0. Senior year is a year of learning and preparing yourself for college. I would work harder and put more time and effort into applying to scholarships.


Dear High School self, I am about to unleash some information to you that you must take seriously as you adjust to your new college life. PLEASE, do not trust anyone with your personal past life. No one at all. Do not hang on to just one person or group of people. Date around. Make as many friends as possible. Join as many clubs as possible, and go to them often! Even if you go alone! Learn to love everyone you meet. Love yourself more. Show your gratitude in every day. Put your all in everything you do. And, most importantly, be happy. Unfortunate events will come along, but keep your strength. You are so strong. You will have a great year and I believe in you. With immense love, You


Don't put your education on hold! If you don't have a "direction" figured out, go to community college and start taking general education courses. Take a career planning course! By the time you hit your second year, you will have an idea of where you want to head in life. If you put off college - you will only struggle longer and may put it off forever. At least get the two-year degree, it will make a difference. Always know you can return at any point to further your education.


I would have acheived more in High School, knowing now.


I would tell myself to start applying for scholarships and saving as much money as possible. I regret spending my money so freely because now my finances are very tight and it is extremely stressful.


Go for gold Nick. Reach as high as you like because with knowledge and education, there is no limits.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know about college life now is that the hard work, time and effort you put into high school will be well worth it. College life is definitely a different experience from high school. What I learned from the college life is that you do have more freedom, which can and cannot be beneficial. The freedom you get allows you to be more independent, and allows you to grow as an individual. Time management is key. You can still go out and have fun and hang out with friends, but know your priorities. Think of your future and where you want to see yourself. So focus on your goal, stay motivated, determined, and do everything to the best of your ability, because in the end it?s up to you. You owe it to yourself to become successful and make the most out of every opportunity that comes your way.


My advice to myself would be to GO WITH YOUR GUT!!!! I knew in the begining that I was not ready for college and I went anyways. Five years later I have just decided what I want to do with myself, and that is be a nurse. What a surprise that an 18 year old could not make this decision, and what a waste of time and money. However, I am glad that I took so long otherwise I may be stuck in a career that I would never enjoy like I enjoy nursing. I would also tell myself to be true to myself instead of pretending like I knew what I was doing, I know that this definitely would have saved my parents a ton of money and disappointment. Waiting is not for everyone but it most definitely would have been best for me.


Although you don't know where your headed, it is worth the time you will spend taking classes to figure yourself out. Don't ever mistake this for a waste of time. College is going to be harder and more demanding. Making friends with the people around you will help you tremendously to get through your college experience. College is going to be a lot of studying and self discipline. Don't sell yourself short and make sure you make time for what's important, which is your school work. Your friends and the fun times will be there when you are done so don't worry. You are not missing out on anything because in truth, your friends are the ones missing out on the education that you are going to be working toward. You will also have really great teachers, as well as horrible ones. The horrible ones are the most important ones because they are who test your will and determination to succeed. Don't switch out of their class because you are only cheating yourself. Remember college is a time to enjoy as well as to learn from so do your very best to achieve both!


Now being out of school and figuring out what I want to do with my life, I would advise more challenging classes better suited to lead me into my career. I would have started applying to scholarships and schools sooner. I believe that was the most important thing i could have told myself.


Dear Marlo, I know this may come as a shock to you but now is the time to take control of your future. Don't be naive anymore about what you think you can do to save your family. Save yourself. Put your past behind you, you are above the losers your have been hanging out with. You have a bright future if you just hold on and stay true to yourself. If you don't you will wind up as a single mother with no education trying to overcome the sequence of events that will soon overtake not only your near future but your distant future. Enjoy the last years of your teens and cruise into your twenties experience life take those calculated risks that will only benefit your future and don't be too hasty to involve yourself with people who don't have the same vision and aspirations of life as you do. When you come into contact with these people STAY AWAY from them at all costs, it doesn't hurt to be mean to people and not everyone is going to like you no matter what you do. Remember selfishness is necessary. Your future self.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would really encourage myself to be more motivated. This includes being more dilligent in my learning and homework. I would also REALLY encourage myself to NOT procrastinate! To get my work done before the day before the work is due! I would also encourage myself to reach out and take hold of my own future; not to let anyone else decide for me. I would advise myself to be willing to step outside my comfort zone and enjoy myself. One last thing I would advise myself on is to not be afraid to be more independent.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would say alot of things. I would tell myself to not rush through school and to really enjoy my last year of school. I would also tell myself to not rush to have a baby. I have a 2 year old son and i love him with everything i have but going through college with a baby is very difficult. It really makes it haed to find time to study and its really hard to get the money for the classes when you have a baby while you are still in school. I would also tell myself to study very hard and to try get the best grades possible because education is very important and you really do need to have a good education in todays society to be able to succeed.


i my self i would have change alot ,because i worked for 15 years , i had to work for everything. my parents paid for all my brothers and sisters for there education.,but me i wasnt able to have them pay for me. because they thought with loans they really couldnt afford it ,plus i have a learning problem. and i think they thought it would be a misstake. because i hav e everything go wrong. lost a job i hand for 23 years, got hit by a drunk back in 1989. lost my job. then had other job . for 10 years, had some more surgeys from the drunk driver. i know woking 1-2 days . and going to school to make me a better person. 410-756-5810


Follow your dreams; each high school student hears these words of advice over and over again during their senior year college search. After experiencing the college transition, the advice that I would give myself would be exactly that, to follow my dreams. Follow my dreams when picking my major, follow my dreams when I choose what organization I wish to join, and follow my dreams to became the person I want to be by surrounding myself with people who can support and help me. I never understood this power of this advice until I was away at school I was a business major and unhappy in all my classes, what I longed to learn about was nursing and everything in the medical field. Suddenly, after leaving for school, I cared what other people though, joined clubs that my friends wanted to join, not that ones that I felt compelled to join because of my dreams and values. Had I fully understood the value of this advice sooner, there are sever things that I would have chosen to do differently, however, without learning on my own to follow my dreams I wouldn?t be who I am today.


Being able to go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior I feel would of actually been able to help me. Most seniors go through "senioritis" and feel that the last year isn't important, and I was no exception. I still tried and got honor roll and was a nation scholar, but I missed alot of school because I just wanted to sleep. This is something that I felt I was able to do in high school and still pass easily, so it kind of put me in this frame of mind that I would be able to do the same thing in college and still do good. I was completely wrong! I would go back and tell myself that college isn't the same as high school, and attending class and getting the information is very important. Tests and quizes in college are different and the majority of the material on them is from what the professors say in class, not just what you can read in your text books. I understand this after my first semester at college, but I wish it was something that I understood alittle more before hand.


I would have told myself to apply to more colleges than I did to make sure I was choosing the right one to attend. Also I wish I knew more about legitimate scholarship and grant opportunities as I am currently going through a financial struggle. I should've looked for more information and help about finding aid to pay for school.