Freed-Hardeman University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Freed Hardeman is a wonderful environment where students recieve a fantastic education in a Christian society.


Very Structured school with strict guidleines to follow.


My school is a beautiful place where you feel as if you are with family even though you are far from home.


A conservative, private Christian university with an small and emotionally close population of students and teachers.


The school I am attend is a very good school.


Freed is an amazing college, helping to promote your spiritual growth, as well as your academics in order to be a well rounded, blessed, strong individual.


To its alumni, Freed-Hardeman represents the heart of the best years of life - a place where friendships and families began and experiences forever change lives.


Freed-Hardeman is a very positive friendly environment filled with great people, but can prove to be narrow-minded if you do not agree with the conservative Church of Christ theology.


A close-knit group of individuals that are all striving to help each other become the best each can be in life.


Freed-Hardeman University is a private christian college that claims to teach you how to live and how to make a living, and i would much rather have attended here and be in debt the rest of my life then to have attended somewhere else and not be as happy as i have been at Freed-Hardeman.


A friendly Christian valued school, teaching you how to live and how to make a living.


Freed-Hardeman University is an institution that teaches how to live and how to make a living while preparing a person spiritually.


Freed-Hardeman is a 4-year institution dedicated to helping people pursue their career goals as well as help them maintain a healthy growing spiritual life.


Freed-Hardeman is a small, private, Christian school located in rural Tennessee, and almost everything about the school reflects those things strongly.