Freed-Hardeman University Top Questions

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It's small, so you always feel like your actions make a difference. It also has a religios affiliation so there is an underlying spiritual atmosphere.


Freed-Hardeman University, unlike any of the other schools I considered attenting this year, is a Christian private college.


This school is a lot smaller than most other schools around. Also, it's a private Christian university. It's tough to find a place as small, friendly, and wholesome as Freed. Nearly everyone here is pleasant and will treat you like thier best friend, even on your first meeting.


Just come here ready to have fun and learn. Its a very nice college and you WILL have a good time and make tons of friends. You do have to try though lol but there are plenty of ways to have fun too.


It is a strong church of Christ school and I believe is the best church of Christ school. All of the staff, students, and faculty are friendly and there are may things to get involved with on-campus. I wouldn't choose to be anywhere else in the world.


A friendly Christian enviroment that is unlike any other place on earth. It feels more like a family, small and close.


My school is a church of christ affiliated school. This makes it a unique school in that its so loving and like one big family. And you also don't have to worry about a lot of the trouble with alcohol and drugs that some places have.


the teachers really care