Freed-Hardeman University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A student that desires a Christian atmosphere, as well as, a quality education should attend Freed-Haredman University.


A person who is looking for a good Christian environment, with many opprotunities for spiritual enrichment, will be very happy at Freed Hardeman University. The school is very small, and so the students know eachother and the professors actually know the names of their students, you are not just a number at this school. It is set in beautiful Tennessee, with tons of activities on campus.


You have to be serious about college to be able to afford it. Study, study, study!


Freed-Hardeman University is a great school for anyone desiring a good education in a small school, Christian environment. If making quality relationships with teachers, fellow students, and God while getting an education is your main goal, then this is the right school. I chose Freed so I could make friendships that could last me a lifetime. I also graduated from a small private Christian high school where I knew everyone. A small private Christian college is exactly what I wanted.


Anyone who really want things out of life.


One who is affliated with the churches of Christ, or would like to learn more about becoming a member of this church. One who is comfortable with small towns and small campuses.


A christian looking to grow!!


A conservative, church of Christ member. A student here is able to make face with administrators who going to church there as well as be able to have their life in a fish bowl. Everyone knows everyone and more importantly, everyone's business.


If you really like small towns and want to form life long relationships with people, this would be a great school to attend! There are lots of opportunities and the classes are so small that you can have an intimate relationship with your classmates as well as your teacher.


Someone who embraces life and friends - isn't afraid to be challenged both academically and spiritually. Someone who wants to grow from what they learn - not just in classrooms, but outside of the school as well.


A southern, white, republican, conservative, evangelical would fit in perfectly at this school.


This school is recommended for any person associated with the church of Christ beliefs though not limited to. If one is eager to pursue a career of their choice will studying with people not affraid to express their religion, very friendly, and looking for friends and a spouse, than this is the school.


Any person who wants to study the Bible more.


In order to attend Freed-Hardeman a person must be willing to listen, learn, and apply. Keeping an open mind in all situations will make for a much more enjoyable experience not only personally, but socially, achedimically, financially, and spiritually.