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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Valerie, do not wait to go to college. Yes, the Marine Corp is going to be an amazing experience for you but enroll and complete college now. Get a degree and then enlsist as an officer. By the time you get settled in the Marine Corp family your life if going to be so hectic and crazy. Take your time and enjoy getting your degree. Pick a major that is going to stimulate you and not bore you. You are a more valuable asset to the Marine Corp with a degree and not to mention, the pay is a lot better too! I think you will enjoy the Marine Corp a lot more with your degree in hand. The possiblilites will be endless when it comes to jobs in the Marine Corp, not to mention the jobs in the civilian world. Don't spend your adult life raising babies while trying to complete your degree. I promist you, it is exhausting and an overall horrible experience.


I would tell myself to stay in school and go to College! That it gets harder as a person gets older to obtain employment in a reputable field without a College degree or some type of higher education.