Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

Describe how Fresno Pacific University looks to someone who's never seen it.


Fresno Pacific University is a great school; it is a school where you can practice your faith within the education that is taught.


The best aspect of FPU are the teachers who take the time to get to know each person individually.


Fresno Pacific University is a widely diverse school.


Fresno Pacific University is an excellent, Christian based school with excellent instructors, staff and students in a great environment offering an outstanding educational experience for success.


My school is a smaller community of friendly students and faculty who are willing to help each other through personal and academic difficulties.


If you know what you want to do in life you can get out in 4 years if you're willing to do the work.


Fresno Pacific is a small, community-based school who employs professors to not only teach students, but also to relate to and mentor them through their college education. The class sizes are small, making it easier for students to ask questions on the spot about aspects of the coursework that they don't understand. The only sacrifice is giving half your body for tuition. Good, solid, education does not come cheap however, and for the ones who can afford it, it is worth every penny that is spent.


It is truly just another christian liberal arts university, however the community on this campus is increadible. And our sports teams are pretty good too.


My school is friendly, creative, and fun.