Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

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Well, for starters, it is a well-known private school. Compared to other schools, what's unique about Fresno Pacific is that if and when someone comes here, they will, in a good way, never be the same again.


Its small, everyone knows each other, the closeness , and interaction with professors is amazing.


Almost everyone at this school is very friendly and goal oriented. I saw the warmth of the atmosphere when I visited before I started at this school. There is religious affiliation with the Mennonite community but you don’t have to have religious views to attend. The professors strive to educate and are very helpful in assisting to learn. I really enjoy attending this University.


It's small number of students.


I liked that it was a very culturally aware campus, and also that it was a dry campus (no drinking on campus.) Fresno Pacific offers so many oppurtunities to learn about other cultures, and they will push you out of your comfort zone. I can never go through out a day without being said hi to, which shows the open friendliness experienced by all at Fresno Pacific