Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Fresno Pacific University?


A person willing to learn their specific desire while also learning incorporated scripture into the lessons. A person yearning to dive into the school comminuty and become extremely involved. A person wanting to finish school and their subject program in a reasonable amount of time.


A person interested in teaching and theology or ministry. Someone who likes a small and peaceful learning environment would fit in.


The kind of person that should attend this school is someone who is looking for their calling from Christ.


Anyone who is serious about having an amazing learning experience in a Christian setting.


This school is open to any student who is eager for a challenge intellectually and wanting a place to belong. Friendships are built and relationships with peers are never ending.


Fresno pacific is a school that strives to help students gain experience and leave with knowledge in the area or field they chose to study. The students who attend here must be ready to work hard and study. There is a big sense of community so it is easy to make friends. Students must be willing to learn in a sober environment.


Anyone who likes a "not-to-big" school, and who loves to be in a friendly enviornment. Everyone is welcoming and is always helpful. People who are serious about balancing school and fun would do well. But if you into parties and trouble like that, you'll probably stand alone.


A Christian who is serious about their education and learning more about themselves spiritually as well as intellectually.