Fresno Pacific University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


FPU had a great program catered to adults who didn't have time to attend traditional classes, this program allowed me to work full time and complete my degree. All of the counselors and administrators for the program were always helpful.


The best thing about my school would be the atmosphere. It is very quiet and very peaceful every single day.


The best thing about the school is the high standards and the graduation rate.


Fresno Pacific University offers excellent educational opportunities as well as exposure to world diversity through acceptance of multi-cultural students to involvement of worldwide charitable concerns. Students have an opportunity to explore and experience a variety of international peoples while serving and developing as leaders.


Community of people who are supportive.


We have excellent school spirit and the ability to come together and help those in need when a crisis occurs. We come up with creative ways to stay entertained.


The best thing about my school I'd have to say are the professors and faculty. They all have great hearts and want to see you succeed. They sacrifice hours on end for you, if you have questions or need help studying material. They even talk and ask why you're doing poorly on your work or may ask why you didn't show to class, all because they care. They also like to get one on one with their students, learning more about them then just their name, and all the professors have a sense of humor!


Its small and friends get close. Life time friends are definitely found here. Its not too competitive, but just enough. Its a good enviornment, and Id have to say that the best thing about school is the people that live there and attend. They're all so wonderful