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What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?

Really Friends University is a very nice school. But i would have really liked to know that school is very important. that anyone should take every class important because it reflects on the next school that a person attends. Grades are the most important thing. I went through alot before coming to Friends University. Friends took me in and is doing everything in their power to fullfill my dreams. School is a full time job and anyone that is given the chance to attend a college they should take it with everything and do the best.

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I just wish I had known to either live on campus or live closer to campus. I lived about 30 minutes away and it was difficult having to drive that far to attend a few classes and then wait hours before my next class or my athletic practice. I wish I had known to attend more campus fu7nctions also, so I could have met and gotten to know more people.

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Nothing. I felt and still feel very prepared.

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