Friends University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who wants to attend a small campus. Anyone who is wanting understanding and helpful teahers.




People that should attend Friends University should be friendly, outgoing, and creative. If they are wanting a big college, this isn't the place for them. Friends has small classes and a campus that is smaller compared to big universities. A person looking at Friends should be willing to accept different points of view and be open minded to new ideas. They should be ready to work, learn, research, and prepare for their future.


Someone who does well academically or wants to begin accelling in academics. It is an asthetically pleasing campus, and is very art-oriented, be it writing, music, graphic art, or just plain old art. The classes are always small and you will get to know people whether you live on or off campus. The teachers are challenging and engaging but also very helpful. This is a college for those who want a great education beyond high school.

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