Front Range Community College Top Questions

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Front Range is the perfect size, small enough that everyone really cares about each other and takes the time to get to know you, but big enough to let you have your own space and everyone does not know your business and you can still see someone you have never seen before in the halls. Some times universities are too big to make you feel like you care, and some universities are too small and everyone knows everything about everyone else. Front Range is also very into the community outreach and I love that about it.


There are no on-campus housing facilities. The college is easy to get to, by either driving, bussing or biking. It is a newer facility.


Frontrange is a small school, but it has an amazing family like atmosphere. You know your teachers one on one, and have great oppertunities to learn. They give you free tutoring sessions, and always have access to computers. Its unique because its like being at home when you are there. its like a family that helps you get to your main goal.


What's unique about my school is that there's a diverse background of students. When I lived in Illinois, and the community college that I attended, was full of one particular ethnicity. In order to fully be able appreciate the college atmosphere, it's best to be able to converse with students of various backgrounds. At Front Range I'm able to get a valuable education, while still being able to learn about other cultures.


My college?s biggest strength is two things, the availability of evening classes and the cost of tuition. Because I am a single mother, working full time, I have a very select period in which I can take classes. I would prefer not to do all my classes online, which left night classes. My choice was down to two schools. The other had a bigger selection of night classes; however, Front Range was cheaper, so this is the school that I chose for this year.


I didn't consider any other schools. Front Range has everything I need for my major.


It has smaller class sizes and teachers seem to be more helpful.