Front Range Community College Top Questions

What are the academics like at your school?




Front Range Community College is a great school that offers several opportunities to further my education. The instructors and staff are well equipped with the knowledge and life experience to lead students to their designated and desired degrees. It is refreshing to go to class and learn so much and feel so good about comprehending what you’re going to class for. Advisers make much effort to get students on the right track and encourage students to pursue higher learning. My favorite classes have been American Sign Language. The instructor is very knowledgeable of what it takes to be an excellent interpreter and goes above and beyond to help students learn. Our class participation is high, students show up with work in hand. It's good to see students enthusiastic about their studies. I am interested in perusing a degree as an interpreter and Art major. I am an older adult who is reinventing myself and perusing the education I could not do when I was younger. It's great to be part of the Arts program and go to concerts, plays and opera's where the teacher is actually performing, or holding a tutoring session. Such as practicing sign language at a coffee shop or restaurant.