Front Range Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about Front Range Community College? Why?


Nothing, this is a great school.that has a lot of great benefits, specially for those that need a smaller class size, and something affordable


The worst about my school is that there is a lack of availability in class offerings that students are extremely interested in, and the students do not know how to approach administration to add classes they would enjoy taking to the schedule. Of course it is a difficult and complicated process, but many students turn away from college because it is harder than they expected to complete their requirements.


I think the worst thing about Front Range is probably the fact that when time is crunched and it is registration time the advisors do not have much time to really meet and advise you. When there are 50 plus students waiting to be helped the advising department has to hurry things around and in that situation I think students start to lose their worth and it seems like we are a waist of their time type of things.


One downside of Front Range is the lack of ambition of students who appear for a few classes, then give up on the program or withdraw from school. Higher student morale would be a goal to continue working toward, as would encouraging students to remain dedicated to their chosen educational and career pathways. To not give up and remain firm on goals, dreams and aspirations; to finish what they start and follow through to the end.


The worst thing about my school (Front Range Community College: Boulder County Campus) is finding the right classroom. It's a bit of a maze for new students, so carry a campus map that has your classrooms highlighted so you can find them easily.


The students that are going there don't seem to care about their education. Some do, but I never seem to find anybody near to me that does. It's sad, because I want to go to school to learn, but when people around me do not have the same intentions, it makes it hard for me to get everything that I want to get out of my education experience.


Parking. Sometimes its hard to find a place to park other than a mile away.


I actually love my school, but if I had to pick the worst thing it would be the lack of parking. If you arrive at school anytime after 7am you get stuck in the overflow parking. This means that you have at least a five minute walk (if not longer) just to get back on campus. THen you still have to make it to your classroom on time. This can be quiet a nightmare if you are running late.


The worst thing about my school is the distance from my house especially the traffic. It takes my approximately 50 minutes to get there. I must leave my home at 4:45 to my class that starts at 6:00. The other thing I don't like about my school is the layout or setting of the seats in my biology class. It is really hard to see the board. You have to get there early in order to get a good seat.


I consider working and going to college worst thing because is hard to keep the grades up and working full time to pay for college.