Front Range Community College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?




Enjoy and have fun during my senior year. I was all about school and staying home, while my friends were going to football games, homecoming dances, and other exictments that they will create the moments of their lives. To be honest, During second semester I was my emotions came on to me very bad that I had to miss school for the whole entire week going from a straight A student from first semester to dropping down to a B- or C student. My goal was to be 4.0 graduate, but instead I was a 3.8 graduate student.


Nothing. I am glad I decided to go to a community college. I decided that going to a community college would be a smart way to save money and get a better education. I had decided that I want to get my Associates degree and then transfer to CU boulder. I like the smaller classes and that teachers are more available.


I wish I had known that I didn't have to worry so much about college life. It's really relaxing even with though classes and you have to be prepared spend time wisely, not just on studying, but also with your social life. If you don't you'll find so much extra and idle time; if you don't go out to find things to do, college will be dull.


Exactly what I want to go to school for.