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The two things that i find unique is that you can get a bachelors degree in under 3 years. The other thing was that when your working the teachers give it to you straight there not gonna sugar coat your work. Which I think helps the student grow and learn better.


The school has an extremely well developed distance-learning program for multiple degrees. There is a diverse staff, student body, and an abundance of resources available to everyone. Teachers communicate openly with students on an equal and professional level as people.


The one thing that I enjoy about Full Sail is their focus on the creative aspect of the entertainment industry. The school does an excellent job in cultivating imagination and diverse ways of using visual presentation. The school is also very neutral politically and doesn't attempt to force-feed opinions.


Full Sail's connections in the entertainment industry and their programs for post-grad success are what ultimately attracted me to the school. the fact that it's 3,000 miles away from home also helped, but not because I hate or even dislike my hometown, my family or my general life where I am. I simply have a strong desire to have a campus experience when I go to college, and I don't want any distractions from my school work by being close to home.


They have amazing programs where you can get a fully accredited degree, 100% online! And you get a mac with all the software you need.


The difference with Full Sail is the time it takes to graduate and recieve a Bachalors and Masters. Most degree programs are 21 months and the Masters program is a year long. We also get to work with the newest programs for our computers and adobe programs.


This computer programming degree is engineered to specifically teach videogame programming.


Full Sail is a very hands on multi-media school really prepares you for a career in the entertainment industry. Besides its rigourous class schedule, Full Sail students are graded on professionalism at all times. You earn Global Professionalism Standard Points thru community outreach projects or you can loose GPS ponts for handing in a project late etc. Deadlines are very important in the entertainment industry and that is the purpose behind the GPS grading scale. Full Sail also furnishes every student with a 15'' Mac pwr. book. Loaded with all the top notch apps. needed to be successful.


The difference was the non-traditional approach to my education. Everything about Full Sail appeals to the atypical student. You pick your field from the beginning and only take classes that benefit your degree. Did I mention that you attend 6 days a week, at least 8 hours a day? They treat you like you're already in the work force and you learn to be a productive-thought-provoking adult, not a "perfect" student. To me, the school is a breeding ground for the world's greatest artists. Now who wouldn't want to be a part of that.


It's extremely fast past. I get to focus on one course at a time because each course is for one month. And they include a Laptop computer with all the software i will need.


Other schools I have attended had a lot of curriculum requirements that had no direct relationship to preparing for the actual career I was pursuing. It was easy to get discouraged and distracted with trying to fulfill classroom hours in courses that I would not be using- draining time and money. Full Sail University specifically eliminates all unrelated coursework, while still getting in the basic education courses, but tailors them to relate directly to the degree program. Also, it is taught in a condensed, excelerated format to keep you moving forward toward your goal with no wasted time.


Full Sail University is completly devoted to entertainment. There are no majors here where you study physics and chemistry. If you want to phsycology major or international business major then look elswhere. Full Sail is about music and film. They are passionate about music, film and gameing. The people who attened Full Sail share their passion.

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