Full Sail University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


How easy it is to manage courses.


When I talk about Full Sail, I brag the most about the networking opportunities here. My school has taught computer animators that have worked on the movies Avatar, Frozen, and Captain America to name a few. The ability to network with classmates who will go on to do great things in their career is invaluable. I have learned that there is a lot of wisdom to the adage, "it's not what you know, it's who you know." Developing and maintaining relationships is critical to career advancement.


One of the best schools for music production


I would tell them that my school was a 24hr school. I would also tell that some of the alumni have had a chance work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, both past and present.


The high paced, to-the-point education system and ease of Online-learning


What I brag most to my friends about my school, is the professional equipentment we recieve. Not only do I have the same equipment that many know producers use, I also have the prvilage to learn the techniques to perfect my craft as a professional! Not only that, I have the oppurtunity to join the most prestieges clubs such as ,the Recording Acdemy, that allows students of music to be able to have a chance to meet recording artists and producers. From them, we can recieve the best advice on how to be Creme de la Creme in the industry.


All of the awesome game programming techniques I am learning.


When I brag about Full Sail University to friends and family, its always about their technology. They make sure were able to perform at the highest level and to make sure we have equal opportunity as other people in our field. That what I love most about Full Sail University.


Full Sail is a leader in the music and entertainment industry. They have all of the most advanced technology in computers, film, music and gaming industries and employ industry professionals as professors.


Everything I am learning about in the music industry. We learn about managing artists to promoting concerts which is not your typical college subject. All our activities are hands on and let us experience a real world education. Full Sail University better prepares us for our future careers and I couldn't imagine attending any other school.


Now that my friends, know i am back in school. I tell them about this school all the time, i think their sick of me. Though i have to say, Fullsail is a amazing school. The overall look of the school looks professional and ascetically pleasing to the eye, a creative atmosphere. The teachers and advisor know what their doing and the specially the teachers, i mean they are so attentive to what there teaching and how to relate to the students. All the thing taught are all relevant to the industries relating to.


I'm a full sail student. Its one of the best multi-media colleges to attend.


The fact that they have an awesome hybrid program that I can use to complete half of my education from the comfort of my own home. Also it is a very highly acclaimed school with a revered Recording Arts Degree program. The facilities there are absolutely amazing, with many different stations for use by students enrolled in a broad range of degree courses. As a plus the staff are the most friendly and helpful people.


Full Sail Unversity is an up and coming University. Many alumni are currenly working at well known companies developing video games, computer games, and working in some major motion pictures such as Lord of the Rings.


The facilities and equipment are cutting edge state of the art.


About the free mac book computers


That is was selected as one of the top new-media schools in the country.


I brag about the job placement, how high tech this school is and that I receive a MAC laptop with my tuition. And of course the classes and the backlot behind the school.


I brag about the degree program I am taking, "Entertainment Business." I love to share the information inside the entertainment industry with friends and try to make as many network connections as possible during the education process.




The only thing that I would brag about to others about my school is the amount of equipment that we have and are allowed to use.

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